Tips for Self-Care While on Antibiotics

the meme is cute, the infection...not so much

the meme is cute, the infection…not so much

In the last few months, I’ve been on four rounds of antibiotics pretty much back to back. Yep, I napalmed my precious gut flora.

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Want More Bone Broth in Your Diet? Find it a Chore to Make? Then you need to read this…

TMBL readers are a smart bunch so I’m going to assume that by now you all know the value of a good bone broth (and if you don’t, more on that later). However it’s not always easy to get a batch brewing – from sourcing the best bones to preparing the stew, it can sometimes seem more hassle than it’s worth.

And that’s where today’s featured interviewee, Nick Mares, comes in.¬†Nick is the founder of Bone Broths Co – the first company to bring a grass-fed and shelf-stable broth to market.

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