How I Made Yoga a Part of my Natural Medicine Cabinet (easy poses to relieve headaches, cramps, backache and more)


wish I knew the artist to credit for this…

“You should come – it’s a very small, intimate class. Really informal. Sometimes we give each other massages.”

“Massages? Really?”

“Yeah, y’know, at the end of class. It’s really relaxing.”

“Erm…I don’t really think I’m a yoga person.”

A fellow gym buddy was trying to convince me to join her yoga class but my squeamishness at the thought of feeling up a bunch of sweaty strangers confirmed what I’d long suspected – yoga is so far out of my comfort zone it may as well be sky-diving.

The above conversation took place last year and, while I haven’t joined any yoga classes since (stranger danger!), I’ve learnt to accommodate yoga into my life in other ways – useful, practical, healing ways.

In fact, since I burnt out my stomach on aspirin and now diligently avoid painkillers, yoga has become my go-to pain remedy for all kinds of pain. It’s quick, easy and you don’t even have to be that flexible to get the benefits.

Also, there’s no inappropriate touching involved. Honest.

Menstrual cramps

There are many great yoga videos out there for ladies struggling with that time of the month. My personal favourite is this one though – it’s relaxing, effective and very easy to follow (with modifications for all abilities). Plus, I fell asleep last time I did it so you know it’s a winner.


These happen a lot with me. They’re the reason I OD’d on aspirin in the first place. Usually it’s triggered by hormonal changes or staring at the computer for too long (see the sacrifices I make for you guys?!). Either way, I find these poses really helpful.

If it’s something a bit more serious, the Mind Body Green has some suggestions for migraine relief.

Back pain

Anyone who regularly suffers from lower back pain will tell you that it’s chronic, debilitating and very frustrating. Thankfully, you don’t have to contort yourself like a circus acrobat to find relief, just bust out a few spinal stretches to soothe that area.

Bloating/Digestive issues

Bloated? Constipated? Sluggish? This gentle and restorative  25 minute yoga sequence  is like a gift for your colon (sorry for that image).


If you’re regularly tossing and turning in bed, stop. Get up. Roll out a yoga mat, breathe and take your time rolling through these 7 poses from the HuffPo.

Weigh in: Did I miss anything with my list? What’s your favourite pose?

all together now:  "awwwww"

all together now: “awwwww”

7 thoughts on “How I Made Yoga a Part of my Natural Medicine Cabinet (easy poses to relieve headaches, cramps, backache and more)

  1. I just started doing yoga in the past 6 months and now attend a weekly “gentle” yoga class. I *never* thought I’d be a “yoga person” because I don’t fit any of the stereotypes in my head, but I love it! It’s relaxing and has helped me with long-term recovery from an injury. There’s so much that’s good about it. For me, the key has been finding a yoga studio that really suits me and how I want to approach yoga. It’s all been great – I plan to continue being a yogi!

  2. I recently started doing yoga again. My instructor goes around an gives everyone a short back massage which was strange to me. I’d never had that happen. It was ok, just surprising. I too have OD’d on pain meds and been instructed not to use them for my migraines. Good to know yoga will help.

  3. I practice yoga everyday now. I had stopped for about 8 months due to work (I’m a chef) and my body went to mush. Yoga is the best overall body and mind workout. I suffer from insomnia, and severe back pains, and already I can feel myself getting back on track.

    • Good for you! I’m an infrequent yogi (is that the right word?) but I do feel the benefit when I stick with it. Thanks for your comment & happy healing 🙂

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