What’s that Smell? (the ups and downs of natural deodourant)

from Cyanide and Happiness

from Cyanide and Happiness

I’m locked in a bad romance with a key part of my cosmetic routine.

I find a new, natural deodourant that I love. It has everything I’m looking for (natural ingredients you could eat, a fresh smell), we complement each other, it’s fun, it’s exciting and I tell everyone that I’ve found ‘The One’.

Then a few weeks into it, something seems off.

The old magic has vanished and, soon enough, I’m avoiding crowds and someone’s asking: “What’s that smell?”

I'm definitely professional level - is that TMI?

I’m definitely professional level – is that TMI?

So far it’s happened with a paste I made myself from baking soda and coconut oil, Aromaco from Lush, Tom’s, Crystal’s mineral salts and Primal Pit Paste (all of which are quality products, I think the fault lies with my armpits rather than them).

What’s a woman with functioning sweat glands to do?

I’m trying to shun ‘normal’ products because of the heavy toxic load of most conventional deodourants – parabens, aluminium triclosan, BHT – all of which I would really rather not put near my sensitive breast tissue.

But I live in the Caribbean and it’s hot. I just can’t, in good conscience, expose Hubs to the kind of armpit pollution that I’d produce going au naturel.

So this is a cry for help. If you use natural deodourants I want to hear from you – what’s your favourite brand? Have you suffered from my problem where the effectiveness wears off after a while and you need to switch? Any tips?

this could be an option...

this could be an option…I’m that desperate

16 thoughts on “What’s that Smell? (the ups and downs of natural deodourant)

  1. I use Bubble & Bee Organic. They make deodorant in a cream, stick, and spray and offer a deodorant guarantee. If the one doesn’t work, they will work with you to find one that works with your body chemistry. Best of luck!


  2. Sounds weird, but Milk of Magnesia (MOM) makes a great deodorant. Google it and you’ll find you can also buy it in deodorant form. I’m wondering if just rotating the ones that work, and then stop working would help. That would mean having a lot of space taken up for deodorants, though. Possibly combining two would help… Here in Florida it gets pretty hot. I finally settled on MOM and on really hot days, I use a vitamin C roll-on with the MOM on top of that.

    • Rotating is how I’m working it at the moment (also I hate throwing expensive deodourants away!), but it’s not ideal. Will give MOM a try – thanks!

      • MOM worked for me but gave me little lumps in my armpits. I make a deodorant with cocoa butter (unscented kind), Shea, a little non-nano zinc oxide (which really helps deodorize!) and bentonite clay and a little baking soda (it irritates me if I use much).

      • Sounds amazing. Sadly I can’t get good ingredients to make my own here (in the Caribbean) – too expensive or just unavailable. Will keep trying though, I love the idea of not having to buy deodourant anymore!

  3. I haven’t tried it yet, but someone recently posted that they just mix some grain alcohol like Everclear with essential oils of choice (lavender, tea tree, etc), and spray that on their pits. It kills any bacteria so there’s no smell. (They did note that if you are a shaver, you may not want to spray it on RIGHT after you shave, as it stings a bit.)

  4. I’ve been using Earth Science. It’s ok but I still smell sometimes. Pit Paste also did nothing for me and left me with a rash. As did Lavanila. I also like the TJ’s brand one but it doesn’t help the stink much.

  5. Use pure magnesium oil: spray, rub it in. You may add a few drops of your choice essential oil as perfume. Start slowly: some irritation is possible at first, but it will stop.

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