Happy St Patrick’s Day! (Take My Quiz to See How You’ll Survive the Day)


I'll say

I’ll say

Happy day of my peoples!

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Green Avocado Frosting

avocado frosting + chocolate cake = one happy belly

avocado frosting + chocolate cake = one happy belly

If you’re making baked goods of any sort for St Patrick’s Day, might I recommend this light frosting  – made with only three ingredients and capable of being whipped together faster than my Grandfather could down a pint (which was very fast indeed, back in his day).

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St Paddy’s Day Countdown: Guinness Glazed Salmon

One tbsp for the recipe, one gulp for the cook

Hooray! I’ve been going on about it all week on the blog but, finally, tomorrow is St Pat’s.  The one time of year I get to bust out my St Patrick’s Day joke which is so bad it’s been known to make people punch me. Continue reading