Who are you?

Are you kidding me? Go to the page marked ‘About‘ and read it. That’s all I’m prepared to divulge. Cookery bloggers have their stalkers too y’know.

What’s your food philosophy?


Well now, that’s a tricky question with a long-winded answer. Your time is precious though so I’ll keep it short. I’ve done everything from standard low-fat diet and vegetarian to pescatarian and back to meat. Now I’m slowly coming to realise that all the junk out there about the ‘perfect diet’ is just that – junk. Do your own research and listen to your body. It knows what it wants (and it’s not brownies 24/7, more’s the pity).

These days I’m following the principles of the Weston A Price and the Paleo movements. Oh and before you assume that I’m dieting to lose weight, I’m not. It’s not a weight issue, it’s a health thing. I want to be as healthy as possible, whatever shape that may be.

So on that note (oops, keeping it short fail) I eat lots of real, unprocessed food and shun wheat and most grains but try not to let that affect the variety of the recipes.

All the recipes are labelled and categorised so you can go straight to whatever your own culinary preferences may be. No need to thank me.

Can I use one of your recipes for my site?

Why certainly! I’m flattered [blushes becomingly] but please do link back to here. If you take the recipe and amend it, I’d appreciate a disclaimer to say that you’ve done so and, again, a link to the original.

The unwritten blogger code of the net dictates that sharing is fine but recognition is a must.

Sometimes you use obscure ingredients that I’ve never heard of and can’t find in my local shop(s). This hurts my feelings, why would you do this?

When cooking for my family, it is important to me to cook healthy meals that use the most nutritious ingredients available. Of course everyone differs on their interpretation of what constitutes a ‘healthy meal’ and sometimes I will use ingredients most people are unfamiliar with, I urge you to give them a try – cooking is all about experimentation.

Having said that, I understand some ingredients can be expensive and/or hard to get so, where possible, I’ll point you to a more mainstream substitution.

You occasionally talk about nutrition and health, do you have any expertise in this field?

No. Please do not take medical advice from me or make any decisions about your health based solely on what you read here.

These posts are intended as a starting point for you to go and do your own research and find out what works for you. Everyone’s different. It’s like the old proverb: one woman’s low-carb lifestyle is another woman’s hellish deprivation diet…or something.

Do you take submissions?

Yes. Provided it is something I would enjoy and make myself, I’m happy to feature your recipe and credit you accordingly. I also will consider guest posts as long as they are a good fit with the site.

You can see examples of previous guest bloggers’ work here and here.

Please feel free to send submissions to thingsmybellylikes@yahoo.com

5 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. I have a gluten free soya sauce I could use in the sticky garlic wings, but what do your amino acids you used consist of ( is this a stupid question?)

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