Cashew-Cardamom Chia Pudding

garnished with all good puddings should be

garnished with blueberries…as all good puddings should be

For years I’ve been spelling cardamom wrong.

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I eat mine with celery sticks. Don't judge me.

I eat mine with celery sticks. Don’t judge me.

I thought Tapenade was Greek, which just shows the depth of my culinary ignorance because it’s actually from Provencal.

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Cardamom Chocolate Cream Pudding

according to my brother-in-law, I'm "right on trend" by putting cardamon in my desserts. So that's good.

according to my brother-in-law, I’m “right on trend” by putting cardamom in my desserts. So that’s good.

I’m not going to sugar coat it (which is ironic because I’m a food blogger and normally I’d love a bit of sugar coating), this pudding cannot be called diet friendly.

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