Spinach, Kale & Garlic Dip

don’t you just want to stick your face in there?!

One of the greatest moments in my life was the day I discovered that you have to eat fat with your veggies. It’s healthy!

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Kale and Cabbage Bake

I resisted the temptation to double up on the cheese, it was tough though

It’s been a while since I cooked a vegetarian meal. In fact, it’s been a while since I cooked anything.

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Simple Sides: Garlicky Greens & Lemon-Yoghurt Asparagus

these two ingredients make for one tasty side dish

Today I’m concentrating on an oft-ignored part of dinner – the sides. Much like a good pair of pants, a decent side dish can be the difference between ‘meh, whatever’ and ‘holy cow! that was delicious!’ (I don’t know why pants would be delicious, let’s just move on)

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St Paddy’s Day Countdown: Pickled Cream Colcannon

Buttery, creamy carb heaven

Irish food is all about being thrifty. That’s why so many beloved dishes from that culture are plain, unadorned, wholesome fare. And, as you’ve no doubt realised by now, many feature the humble potato. Staple of the Irish diet for centuries.

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