This Week on the Internet: Trail-blazing Women, Snowboarding Pugs & Composting Cutlery

courtesy buttersafe

courtesy buttersafe

It’s been a good week to be an internet-addict.

Usually the web is cats, babies, cat-babies and body-shaming, but in the midst of all the dross this week were a few pearls.

I’ve included my favourites below. If you’ve a spare 15 minutes let me lead you down the rabbit hole….

1. Heard of Kathrine Switzer? You should have. She was the first woman to run the Boston Marathon in 1967 (to the dismay of the organisers who tried their best to sabotage her efforts, even lunging for her bib as she ran). Deadspin tells the story behind this powerful image of the race:

courtesy Deadspin

courtesy Deadspin

2. When someone leaves an angry note on her car, accusing her of falsely using a disabled parking sticker, one Ohio mother gets a little enraged herself and writes the perfect response.

3. Planetware is a new Kickstarter project aiming to make a range of dinnerware entirely from plants. Yep, you read that right. Plates made from plants. I love it so hard. I also love that the stuff is completely compostable.

4. Read why Noelle from the awesome blog, Coconuts and Kettlebells, doesn’t want six-pack abs – spoiler alert: they’re not an indicator of health and, for many, a completely unattainable goal. Noelle eloquently explains why chasing a ‘fitspo’ dream like perfect abs can ultimately damage your health.

5. Bonnie, a tiny rescue dog who is ALL of the cute, hates to eat alone. 

6. And finally, for your viewing pleasure, I present Brandy, the snowboarding pug. Now, that’s my kind of fitspo.

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