Let The Valentine’s Celebrations Begin!

feel free to print out as needed

feel free to print out as needed

When I asked my friend what she and her husband were doing for Valentine’s Day this year, she replied: “Nothing. Valentine’s is for the unmarried and childless.”

Which seems a rather bleak statement.

Although Hubs and I are well past the blushing romance stage, we still like to do something to mark the day. It’s a day to celebrate love for pity’s sake! Where’s the harm in that?!

this is what romance looks like when you're married to an obsessive Type A (sorry Hubs)

this is what romance looks like when you’re married to an obsessive Type A (sorry Hubs)

And it doesn’t have to be a deluge of commercial, meaningless present-giving. We don’t give gifts. Instead I make him a homemade card (with my awesome arts skillz), bake him something tasty and we make a pact to spend some time together.

Time that’s uninterrupted by relatives, friends, social media, work, household obligations and all the other flotsam and jetsam of life.

So that’s what I’m doing tomorrow for Valentine’s Day Eve. I’ll be back posting from Monday and I wish you all a lovely weekend with your loved ones.

If you’re in a cooking mood, here’s a few suggestions:

6 thoughts on “Let The Valentine’s Celebrations Begin!

  1. We have a special meal we make for Valentine’s Day-steak and bacon-wrapped scallops. I’ve bought the steak and will buy the scallops the day of. We buy cards and small gifts but prefer to stay home.

  2. I love Valentine’s and going out to dinner, but I do not love fighting to reserve a time, being squished into tables that were never supposed to be placed there, or busboy vultures hovering over the table while you are trying to have a moment.

    I would have done it anyway, but I’m broke & other half is on a restricted diet, so by default, this year’s celebration is going to be low key- smaller gifts, a homemade meal, and fuzzy bunny slippers. I’m actually really looking forward to it!

    • That sounds lovely (especially the fuzzy bunny slippers part!). It’s not what you do, it’s who you’re with 🙂 Enjoy your lovely, romantic, cozy evening!

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