My 5 Favourite Christmas Gifts (that’ll make me fitter and healthier in 2015!)

not that I'm materialistic or anything....

not that I’m materialistic or anything….

I know, I know – the season of buying is over and we’re all very glad that the consumer gluttony is at an end.

But I thought I’d share some of my favourite Christmas gifts with you today because these are things that I’ll be using year-round to safeguard my health and establish some great habits into the New Year.

So if you’ve any cash left over, or  you got Amazon vouchers in your stocking, the following might make your 2015 wishlist.

Portable Stand Up Desk

I made the transition to a standing desk this past year, but it hasn’t been easy. After much shuffling of furniture and juggling of keyboards, I hit upon a low-cost system that worked – a stack of phone books. It wasn’t pretty but it got the job done.

Sort of.

I still had to contend with a bit of neck strain because the computer monitor wasn’t high enough and it also looked like I was playing a bad game of Jenga with very expensive technology.

Enter Hubs, who managed to stuff this portable standing desk into my stocking. It’s the answer to my prayers – convenient, easy to use, adjustable and much steadier than a tower of phone books.

I get this reaction all the time - or I would if I didn't work from home

I get this reaction all the time – or I would if I didn’t work from home

Primal Pit Paste

This one came from my mother who knows well my quest to find a natural deodourant that actually works.

Tired of smearing aluminium and parabens on my delicate underarms, I’ve been bemoaning the lack of a quality natural product for a while now (although I have had some success with Lush’s Aromaco).

The wonderful thing about Primal Pit Paste – apart from the fact that it actually works – is that you could actually eat it if you wanted to. Made from coconut oil, shea butter and baking soda, it’s underarm safe.

Organic Foundation

I rarely wear make-up. Living in a hot climate there’s just no point. The heat will melt it right off your face until you look like a Batman villain.

But there are some occasions when I need it (not getting any younger over here!) and for those times, it’s important to go as natural and organic as possible.

I love this Madara tinting fluid. It’s lighter than foundation and made with natural ingredients so I don’t have to worry that cancer-causing chemicals are seeping into my skin on a daily basis.

A Scough

This was actually my present to Hubs, but I got myself one too while I was at it.

The brainchild of a small group of entrepreneurs in Brooklyn, the Scough is a germ and pollution filtering scarf. The material cleverly conceals a silver-ion filtration device tucked into a pocket that goes over your mouth and nose.

It not only protects you from airborne winter bugs (no flu for me!), they’re also stylish and comfortable. Here’s the one I got, nice eh?

that's not me, that's their model....but you get the idea (FYI: this is the pink and grey flannel)

that’s not me, that’s their model….but you get the idea (FYI: this is the pink and grey flannel)

A Rebounder

At first I was highly skeptical of rebounders: “They’re just mini trampolines! They’re children’s toys rebranded as the latest sports gimmick!”

How wrong I was (well, apart from the gimmick thing – fitness does love its trends). Turns out a quick bounce on these kids toys strengthens, tones and even cleans the body.

Since getting my tiny trampoline, I’ve been doing a quick bounce every morning before work. It’s a great way to gently wake up your muscles, get your mind ready for the day and work up an appetite for breakfast.

Weigh in: Did you get any health/nutrition/fitness related gifts this year? What would you recommend? Would you ever be tempted to get a tiny trampoline?


5 thoughts on “My 5 Favourite Christmas Gifts (that’ll make me fitter and healthier in 2015!)

  1. I had a mini trampoline when I was a teenager – it was recommended by my physical therapist after a bad ankle injury. I hate that I got rid of it!! I would love it now as an adult!!

  2. Great post – I share your desire for a deodorant that won’t (literally) do my head in! In fact all the things are curiosities to me for one reason or another and I’m pretty sure it’s the first time in an age that I’ve had two words I’ve never seen before! 🙂

    • It’s a good day when I expand someone’s vocabulary 🙂 Also, you know your friends and family think you’re a health nut/hippy weirdo when they get you such bizarre items!

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