Merry Christmas TMBL-ers!

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artwork from Allie Brosch at Hyperbole and a Half

You guys! It’s Christmas EVE tomorrow!

How did that happen? (I’m serious. The past two weeks have been a blur of eggnog and mulled wine. I’m not even sure of my own name any more).

I’m spending the Big Day with my parents in Florida. Apart from seeing my lovely folks, this has quite a few advantages:

1. Seafood for Christmas dinner

2. Sunshine on Christmas morning

3. No-one will say: “Cold enough for ya?”

4. No-one will feel the need to wear or knit Christmas sweaters

5. Iced eggnog. ICED.

6. I can legitimately wear sunglasses to hide bleary eyes caused by too much iced eggnog.

Wherever you are spending your Christmas, whoever you spend it with and whatever you happen to think/feel/believe about the day itself, I hope everyone has a lovely December 25th.

P.S I’ll be back in the new year. Much love, Cat


3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas TMBL-ers!

  1. That happened because of the distraction of SO MANY AWESOMELY YUMMY things to make, cook and eat, that none of us noticed!

    Thanks for a year of great recipes and posts, Cat. Hope you and hubs have a lovely Christmas. Looking forward to more deliciousness from you in 2015.

    xo. Steffan

    • Thanks for reading, commenting and eating Steffan! I hope you and yours had a blissful Christmas. Ours was fantastic but I do feel like I’ll scream if I see another brussels sprout 🙂 Happy New Year & all that good stuff. May 2015 be good to you.

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