10 of the Best Homemade, Edible (and Healthy!) Christmas Gifts

nothing says 'Merry Christmas' quite like jam

nothing says ‘Merry Christmas’ quite like jam

Last week I was all about ethical giving, this week it’s food.

Giving a homemade, edible gift is perfect for close friends and relatives.

I wouldn’t choose this option for strangers however. You’re less likely to know their taste and dietary preferences. Also, some people are squeamish about receiving gifts directly from another person’s kitchen (understandable really – you could be the type that mixes cat litter into your cookie dough).

Last year, I made some tomato chili jam for my acupuncturist (don’t worry, she trusts me) and my dog sitter (ditto) and it went down a treat.

This year I’ve my eye on these:

1. Peppermint Chocolate Macaroons, from Against All Grain. I have all the ingredients for these in the cupboards already so this is a no-brainer. Who doesn’t like chocolate, mint or biscuity macaroons? Joyless, Christmas-hating monsters, that’s who.

2. Pomegranate Coconut Chocolate Bark from PaleOMG. Pomegranates are one of the best things about the Christmas season (and I should know – I’ve been inhaling them on a daily basis since 1st December). Tell the foodie in your life that you love them with a chunk of this delicious bark.

3. Honey Butter from The Common Sense Cook. Everyone needs a jar of this in the house. As you’ve probably guessed from the name it’s simply butter, whipped with honey. But use high quality (pastured!) butter with local or raw honey, spoon into a fancy jar, add a homemade label and voila – the perfect Christmas gift.

4. Gingerbread Men from Beyond the Bite. You can’t beat the classics. Gingerbread men are a great treat for kids and these are allowed on the Autoimmune Protocol diet so you know they are good for your insides.

5. Mexican Hot Chocolate Mix from Paleo Spirit. Give the gift of spicy, warming, chocolately cocoa this Christmas and you’ll suddenly find yourself invited to a lot more parties.

6. Homemade Curry Spice Mix from the Urban Poser. Ok, so it’s not very Christmassy but some people just don’t have a sweet tooth and for those people, it’d be a nice, unique present they can enjoy all year round (if it lasts that long).

7. Homemade Vanilla Extract from Win-Win Food. This would be a great gift for a baker. Good quality vanilla extract is often hard to find and expensive as hell so they’ll really appreciate this lovely, pure homemade version.

courtesy Win-Win Food

courtesy Win-Win Food

8. Rosemary Raspberry Jam from The Primal Desire. Jam is a crowd-pleaser – it tastes good, it’s versatile, kids love it and it looks really pretty in a mason jar with a bow on top. This version is sugar-free so no guilt attached.

9. Cinnamon Raisin Spice Granola from Cook Eat Paleo. According to the blogger’s husband this recipe “tastes like Christmas” so perfect for any grain-free foodies who want something tasty to eat on Christmas morning.

10. Maple & Spice Eggnog from Stinky Kitchen. If you’ve access to raw dairy, a batch of this would go down a treat with friends n’ family (provided they are okay with the raw aspect – please check first!).

Weigh in: Do you make homemade gifts? What’s your favourite? Have you ever received an edible gift? Do you think they’re more thoughtful?

5 thoughts on “10 of the Best Homemade, Edible (and Healthy!) Christmas Gifts

  1. Oh, everything looks so good. You can drop anything off as a gift to my house! Can’t decide which I like best…I’ll take them all. Okay, “Honey Butter” wins top prize. LOVE IT!

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