The Best Burger Bar in Toronto (Probably)

photo courtesy W Burger Bar

photo courtesy W Burger Bar

Walking down the busy city street, our faces tucked into our scarves, the wind icy against our ears and the drizzle stinging our eyes, I turned to Hubs.




Hubs is nothing if not patient when it comes to my every whim so we trudged around Toronto that afternoon desperately seeking a burger that would fill the gnawing hole in my noisy belly but not kill us with antibiotic and hormone laden meat and/or nasty oils and fillers.

Thank all the culinary gods for W Burger Bar on College Street.

This tiny cafe works with local farmers to serve meat that is free from antibiotics and hormones. They also make their own bread and (best of all), if you don’t eat bread, they’ll serve you your burger in an adorable lettuce cup.

You can also customise that deliciousness with loads of extra toppings (I had Ontario goat’s cheese and fried onions).

They also serve a bison burger which tempted me greatly. Hubs had a lunch special of  fish n’ chips with sweet potato fries – which I may or may not have stolen while he was in the washroom. They were tasty and I regret nothing.

I strongly recommend checking out W Burger if you’re in the area. They have two locations in the city, the College Street address and Caledonia Road.

We’ll definitely be back. And not just because I want to do unmentionable things to do their pulled pork poutine.

Weigh in: Have you been to W Burger? Where do you like to eat in Toronto? What do you look for in a burger place? What’s your favourite sides and toppings?


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