Nope Cats, Rivers of Chocolate and Lady Exercises: It’s the Return of Thursday Link Love!

yep, that's a tomato. Cute, innit?!

yep, that’s a tomato. Cute, innit?!

It’s been a busy week for me in the real world – the one that has sky and grass and ice cream.

But I’ve still found time for the internet (if I don’t the internet gets huffy and it’s a whole thing).

Don’t worry if you were web free this week. Below is a good selection of what you missed. Everything else was just junk. Seriously.

1. If you’re a gardener who’s worried about the winter months, Lifehacker shows you how to prep for the cold with this helpful infographic.

2. Halloween is my least favourite holiday and no-one in my house celebrates it. I will however be doing this.

3. io9 asks Which Fictional Food Would You Like to Try? and I answer: “RIVER OF CHOCOLATE PLEASE!

4. This cat knows what he wants, and food clearly isn’t it.

5. Say what you like about Kickstarter, it makes dreams come true (if your dreams involve bringing back a bit of 80s magic).

6. Here’s one for the ladies: Kegels. Girls Gone Strong tells you why you’re doing them wrong.

7. How Modern Medicine Changed the Way We Die, and Not Always for the Better is a long(ish) read, but a good one. A doctor, forced to confront the reality of mortality, realises how poorly medical training prepares students to meet the needs of the terminally ill. The stand out quote for me was:

Dying and death confront every new doctor and nurse. The first times, some cry. Some shut down. Some hardly notice. When I saw my first deaths, I was too guarded to cry. But I dreamt about them.”

8. This seems like a waste of perfectly good red wine to me.




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