My Favourite Fitness Websites

if Ron Burgundy had a fitness website, it'd be top of this list

if Ron Burgundy had a fitness website, it’d be top of this list

“Yeah, you shouldn’t eat a lot of protein because it will turn to ash in your body.”

“Women shouldn’t lift too heavy because our body composition is different.”

You’d be surprised the amount of misinformation I overhear at the gym (both of the above came from instructors). Suffice to say, it’s not where I go for advice.

When I’m in need of fitness wisdom from the experts or just a bit of inspiration, I turn to the internet (seriously, how did people know anything before the internet age?!).

Below are my go-to sites. If you can recommend any more please do so in the comments….because I don’t spend enough of my life on the interweb.

1. Nerd Fitness

Good for: beginners, casual lifters, anyone needing a bit of inspiration and motivation

What’s it all about? Nerd Fitness is a great resource for getting to grips with the basics of strength training. I’m a big fan of their Strength Training 101 series which goes into great detail on the importance of technique and how to get your form rock solid before attempting to lift anything heavier than your own bodyweight.

2. T-Nation

Good for: more experienced fitness fanatics and those looking to target certain areas

What’s it all about? Aimed primarily at gym junkies and those who know their way around a deadlift, I find this a great resource for when I’m looking to go the extra mile. If you’re bored of your normal workout and interested in building a tried-and-tested regime that’ll target your problem areas, there’s plenty to start with here.

3. Bret Contreras

Good for: getting more junk in your trunk

What’s it all about? There’s a reason Bret Contreras is known as ‘The Glute Guy’. If you’ve ever wanted to build a better butt, this is the place to do it with exercise routines, tips on training and advice about equipment. All that and an answer to the age old question: “what do women want?”

4. Girls Gone Strong

Good for: ladies who lift – from beginners to pros

What’s it all about? Aimed at women who are interested in fitness, one of the best things about GGS is the sense of community. Here you’ll find personal testimonials, insights straight from trainers themselves and a firm emphasis on health, nutrition and making fitness fun.

seems about right

seems about right

Weigh in: Where do you go for fitness advice? What are some of your favourite sites? Are you familiar with any of the ones I’ve listed?

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5 thoughts on “My Favourite Fitness Websites

  1., you probably want to stay away from their forums, but they have an absolutely awesome directory of exercises. If you go to the search bar on their main page and hit “exercises” you can search for whatever you want. They have videos showing you how to do it, tell you what muscles it hits, etc. You can search for other exercises that hit those (or other) muscle groups. It’s extremely useful.

    Great list though, I really like nerd fitness and the message they put out about women and weightlifting. They have a really unique approach overall too.

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