Reinventing Granola with Larabar

So. Very. Tasty.

So. Very. Tasty.

Larabars are what I give people who say “Oh, you’re doing that primal diet thing. I could never do it, it sounds so punishing.”

Or it would be, if I could bear to give them away. Larabars are one thing I. Will. Not. Share.

In case you haven’t tried them, they are a range of delicious snack bars made only from whole ingredients. I don’t know how but they take ingredients like dates and nuts and make them into flavours such as Apple Pie, Blueberry Muffin, Banana Bread and others.

And they are the closest thing I’ve had to candy in about five years.

Which is why, when the folks at Larabar contacted me to ask if I’d review their latest product – a grain-free granola – I was more than excited. There may have been shrieking.




It’s called Renola (reinventing granola..geddit?!) and it comes in three flavours – Cocoa Coconut, Cinnamon Nut and Berry – each packaged in a handy 35g, travel-size pack.

And, as you’d expect from Larabar, they are clean-snacking at its finest. Each flavour is a blend of non-GMO nuts and seeds with natural sweeteners such as molasses and tapioca syrup.

cinnamon nut with coconut milk!

cinnamon nut with coconut milk!

Hubs and I are big fans of granola so it didn’t take long for the samples to vanish.

My favourite was Berry. I found all of the flavours a bit too sweet for breakfast (probably because I’ve been avoiding sugar in all forms and I’m also not a breakfast person) but devoured them as a mid-afternoon or evening snack.

Hubs loved the Cocoa Coconut, which he guzzled straight from the packet and declared it to be: “healthy tasting….but in a good way.”

The biggest pros for me are the handy snack size format and the fact you can add it to almost anything to make a really tasty dessert (yoghurt, fresh fruit etc)

If you’ve been missing your breakfast bowl of cereal, this is a great choice. I imagine it’d also go down a treat in kids’ lunchboxes.

Weigh in: Do you eat Larabars? Have you been hankering for a grain-free granola? What flavours would you like?



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