Paleo, Primal or SAD: How Do You Take Your Coffee?

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Coffee wasn’t my thing…until I met Hubs, who is fanatical about the stuff.

Waking up each morning to the smell of his freshly ground, organic beans (no, that’s not a filthy euphemism) would convert even the most die-hard caffeine-phobe.

Since joining the caffeinated masses I’ve discovered that everyone has their own preference when it comes to the magic wakey juice.

smells so goooood

smells so goooood

Personally, I try to always use organic, whole bean stuff as my base. Conventional coffee is high in pesticides and, apart from anything else, just doesn’t taste as good.

1. Primal

What’s in it? Butter. Lots of butter – preferably grassfed Kerrygold (though you might want to stay away from the salted variety). Primal folk don’t do dairy, but they usually make an exception for healthy, saturated fat-laden butter and putting it in your coffee makes for a creamy, delicious, breakfast. It’s called Bulletproof Coffee and you need it in your life.

How do you drink it? All morning long without getting the caffeine jitters (thank you healthy fats!).

Why drink it? Bulletproof coffee gives you all the antioxidant benefits of coffee, without the caffeine crash. The addition of good quality butter and MCT or coconut oil gives you a great dose of fats. This stuff is quite literally a meal in a mug. Also, it’s a great way to horrify and delight your friends.

2. Paleo

What’s in it? As I understand it, paleo is primal with dairy. So don’t be afraid to add raw, organic cream or whole milk to your brew. Swirl that around, add some stevia or maple syrup for a touch of sweetness and your day is off to a great start.

How do you drink it? Slowly, savouring the rich aroma and pleasurable experience. Good coffee should be a ritual – it’s not just about the taste, it’s about the process.

Why drink it? Raw cream and whole milk are extremely nourishing, being dense in fat soluble vitamins and beneficial enzymes. You’re not only getting the benefits of coffee, you’re supercharging it with the benefits of raw dairy and that’s a great combo.

3. Whole30

What’s in it? I’ve done two and a half Whole30′s now so consider myself a bit of an expert (!). Last time, I wasn’t willing to give up my creamy morning treat so switched it up with coconut milk (instead of dairy) and a dash of ground cinnamon (instead of stevia). The result was nothing short of an epiphany. It’s now the only way I drink it.

How do you drink it? Anywhere and everywhere. Even when travelling – yes, I have become that lady who carries her own coconut milk and cinnamon around with her.

Why drink it? It’s dairy-free and sweetener-free so great for anyone figuring out food allergies or doing a sugar detox. Also, if you’re transitioning into primal, this can be a good way to straighten out bad coffee habits.

4. Standard American

What’s in it? Who can tell? If it’s Starbucks probably GMOs and a bunch of sugar.

How do you drink it? Usually with pancakes, waffles, muffins and other grain-filled, insulin-spiking, sugary breakfast treats.

Why drink it? God knows.

this should be Hubs' family crest

this should be Hubs’ family crest

Weigh in: How do you take your coffee? Do you try to buy organic? What’s your favourite blend?

7 thoughts on “Paleo, Primal or SAD: How Do You Take Your Coffee?

  1. None of the above? I drink iced coffee with raw honey, homemade vanilla paste, and whole milk. Raw honey doesn’t mix well with cold liquids, so I brew a big pot of strong coffee, stir in the honey while it’s still warm, and then put it in the fridge to drink for the next few days. When I make each serving, I use a mason jar. I put in the milk, the coffee, the vanilla paste, and a big handful of ice cubes, then put the lid on and shake vigorously for about 30 seconds, which not only blends everything, it makes a nice foam.

  2. I’ve done the bulletproof coffee a few times. I like it, and I love that it doesn’t leave that bottomless pit feeling in your stomach.

  3. I’m a diehard coffee lover so it has been a process finding suitable options – I’ve tried and tried taking it black but just can’t! I have a dairy allergy so bulletproof and raw dairy are out, and I have finally settled, like you, on lovely coconut milk!
    Initially I mixed it with almond milk to neutralise the flavour a little but happily take it straight now, just dilute with a little water so it’s not too rich. I get a good brand without any gums etc, just pure coconut, and it’s great in my double espresso. I’m happy, and no dairy sniffles!

  4. I love coffee! Can’t wait to drink again – taking a break whilst pregnant (tea with cream instead). I mix it up – coffee blended with coconut oil & butter, or just with a splosh of cream, sometimes just black. At a café always a latte though.

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