Bored of Breakfast? Good Morning Paleo Has You Covered

all images courtesy Da Capo Lifelong/Jane's Healthy Kitchen

all images courtesy Da Capo Lifelong/Jane’s Healthy Kitchen

There’s a reason hobbits love breakfast so much, they have it twice. Done right, your first meal of the day is also the most important of the day.

And that’s why I was so excited when my latest cookbook arrived in the mail. Good Morning Paleo is ALL about the breakfasts.

GMP is the brainchild of Jane Bartholomew from Jane’s Healthy Kitchen. It’s a sequel to Jane’s previous book Paleo Desserts (which, judging by the gooey chocolate cupcake on the cover is another winner).

meet Jane!

meet Jane!

I’d long been a fan of Jane’s Healthy Kitchen, so was VERY excited to check out her ideas for brekkie. Also I’m suffering some serious breakfast fatigue (I cannot even look at another boiled egg).

Happily Jane has the answer. An answer that comes in the form of over 150 recipes. 

What I loved most about GMP is the sheer size of it. There’s comprehensive sections on baked goods, smoothies, quiches, cereals, meats, eggs and condiments.

This is more than just a breakfast book. Most of the recipes are equally applicable to dinner and there are some very unusual choices in the mix (I’m looking at you, Tamale Pie).

And it’s not just a ‘paleo’ book either, the recipes cater to diverse dietary tastes from vegan to candida-free and each is clearly labelled.

It’s clear that Jane has put a lot of work into GMP. There’s a big ingredients glossary, a breakdown on sweeteners, shopping checklists, meals plans and (my favourite) a large section at the front of the book showing you how to make cupboard staples such as coconut milk, nut butter, paleo cheeses and bone broth.

My only quibble with GMP is that while I gave quite a few recipes a try and liked them all, I didn’t actually make any of them for breakfast.

Sadly the reality of a real food diet is you have to think ahead – both in terms of getting your ingredients and the actual cooking process. I’m just not used to making that kind of time in the mornings. However, if you are one of those highly organised people that makes your breakfast the night before or gets up early enough to do it then and there, you should have no problem.

You can’t really go wrong starting your day with GMP. This is a book I’ll be keeping handy in the kitchen and diving into often – not just for recipes, but also guidance on the mainstays on paleo cooking.

You can order a copy of Good Morning Paleo at Amazon, or through Jane’s website. Other than a free copy of the book, I did not receive any compensation for this post and all views expressed are my own.

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