16 Reasons to Exercise (none of which have anything to do with health)

reason #1 the smugness

reason #1 the smugness

1. You’ll make new friends! Gym buddies are the best buddies (apart from these guys)

2. You’ll learn to appreciate what your body can do, rather than what it looks like naked (although chances are the latter will improve too).

3. You can buy hilarious new gym clothes like these.

4. It’s a great excuse to invest in funky shoes too.

5. You can support your favourite charity while doing your exercise of choice in the form of a sponsored event.

6. If you train very hard, you might one day be able to do this. And that’s cool.

7. Your newfound love of exercise might just inspire friends and family to get active too.

8. You can justify many, happy hours down the internet rabbit hole, reading awesome fitness blogs like Girls Gone Strong and Go Kaleo.

9. Rather than being apprehensive about getting old, you can become the kind of granny/grandpa who kicks serious butt.

10. You can justify spending your money on foam rollers and doing this….ahhh, relaxing.

11. You get to make awesome playlists of all your favourite tunes (and unashamedly include some guilty pleasures).

12. Failed biology in school? If you’re anything like me, within a few months of exercising you’ll know all the major muscle groups, what works what and be able to spit out phrases like “Damn, I really felt that in my hip flexors” without batting an eye.

13. Occasionally people will show up at your gym and give you free stuff (water bottles, promotional t-shirts, key chains). This only happens if you have a) a great gym and b) a face that says: “If it’s free, I want it.”

14. You can legitimately pester your significant other/friends/work colleagues with no boundaries into giving you deep tissue sports massages. Or alternatively you could pay for one from a professional, but my way saves you cash.

15. You can become horribly elitist about your chosen exercise. It seems to be the norm at my gym that the yoga people sneer at the aerobics junkies, the lifters laugh at the runners, the cardio freaks mock the pilates people. Of course I don’t condone this kind of prejudicial tribalism….but it’s nice to find your groove and be part of a crew.

16. It’s a great excuse to get away from the TV/work/children and carve out some ‘you time’.

 Weigh in: Anything to add to my list? Why do you exercise? What’s the guilty pleasure on your playlist?

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6 thoughts on “16 Reasons to Exercise (none of which have anything to do with health)

  1. I exercise every two hours since my stroke. Any exercise is better than being a couch potato. 🙂

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