You Know You’re a Fitness Nerd When…

if you organise your social life around the're a fitness nerd

if you organise your social life around the gym…you’re a fitness nerd

This morning on the radio I heard a woman talking about a charity event she was planning in her town. Listing the various activities that would take place, she said: “There’ll be a bouncy castle, some food stalls. Oh, and there’ll be plenty of gains.”

Gains?!” I thought to myself, “Why would people be bulking up for a fete? Will there be weights? Are they serving protein shakes?”

It was only later I realised she’d said games, not gains. Clearly I’m spending way too much time reading fitness blogs.

And that realisation led to this list. What would you add?

You Know You’re a Fitness Nerd When…

  • You talk in acronyms. Example: “I totally killed that WOD today”, “I’m hurting from my HIIT session”, “I’ve finally mastered the SLRD”
  • You can name (and do) at least 20 variations on the plank. Including this scary looking thing
  • You can name (and do) at least 35 variations on the squat (the Sissy Squat is anything but)
  • You know every Beyonce tune, and you don’t even like Beyonce (probably best not to admit that though). Side note: what is it about gyms and Beyonce? Mine plays her entire back catalogue on a loop. It’s enough to make your ears detach and run to Cuba
  • You volunteer to carry ALL the grocery bags-in one hand-because you missed the gym yesterday and could use the workout
  • You bought ankle weights so you could surrepitiously do weighted calf raises in the office (or is that just me?!)
  • Your jeans getting tighter is a cause for celebration (I am all about the junk in the trunk)
  • Your Google search history looks like this: “video of Single Leg Deadlifts”, “advanced squat technique”, “best remedies for muscle soreness”
  • You think Barbel Denim jeans are the Best. Idea. Ever. and have already signed up for four pairs.
  • You see this video and take it as a challenge.

Weigh in: Are you a fitness nerd? What would you add to the list? Did you find yourself nodding at any of the above?

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