Sad lunches, pizza diets and ranting chefs…it’s Thursday links!

is that cat riding a tyre?

is that cat riding a tyre?

I wasn’t going to do a link round-up for the Thursday slot this week, but then I kept coming across lots of interesting internet oddities that were crying out to be shared.

It’s amazing how much the internet tickles me. I wonder what people did for laughs before the web elbowed its way so forcefully into our leisure time.

Read? Gone outside? Talked to each other?

[Shudder] Those must’ve been dark days indeed.

1. Food photography was a hot topic this week. I enjoyed this delightful rant by sarky British commentator David Mitchell who says picky chefs complaining about customers snapping their meals should just get over themselves.

You moaning chefs get my goat, which left to you would presumably be locally sourced, turned into a jus or a foam and piped all over a perfectly harmless starter! Why don’t you shut up, you bloody chefs?

2. From pictures of culinary greatness to photos of things that don’t even resemble food. I spent probably more time than was necessary on these genius tumblr sites: Dimly Lit Meals for One and Sad Desk Lunch.┬áThe gods of food photography just abdicated their thrones.

I see this and I think: "Hurry! the food's getting cold!"

I see this and I think: “Hurry! the food’s getting cold!”

3. I read this piece about a man who exists solely on a diet of pizzas with the same kind of dirty voyeurism you get from slowing down to look at a car wreck. For years he’s never ingested anything more adventurous than pizza and coffee. I. Am. So. Upset. By. This. It probably doesn’t need saying but please don’t take nutritional advice from this idiot.

I remember about four years ago I ate a peach and it was amazing,” he said. “I just never think to do things like that.

If I could say anything to the men of the world, it’s you can do it. You can eat two 14-inch pizzas a day and be fine.”

4. Buzzfeed is answering one of life’s most vexing questions with their amazing What Cheese Are You? quiz. Apparently I’m a Swiss Cheese: “All your beauty is in your holes.”

5. If you keep your tomatoes in the fridge then this is a must-read.

the corny ones are the best

the corny ones are the best

6. This one’s a little longer but well worth the time. Writer (and depression sufferer) Andrew Solomon travels to Senegal to investigate how tribal cultures deal with, and treat, depression. It’s eye-opening, fascinating and at times heartbreaking.


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