GIVEAWAY: Win WholeMe’s Grain-free Cereal & Snack Bars!

all this could be yours!

all this could be yours!

A promise is a promise and last week I promised you the chance to win some of WholeMe’s new range of grain-free goodies.

I’m making good on that today with this exciting offer.

The lovely WholeMe team are generously providing the following to one lucky TMBL reader:

These delicious treats could be appearing in your mailbox soon (provided your postie isn’t the type to snaffle them for himself)…but you do have to do a little work for ’em.

To enter

To enter simply leave a comment below telling me why you went grain-free (or why you’re not) and go ‘like’ WholeMe on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter (either is good, both is better!).

The competition will run until midnight on Thursday 30th January 2014. I’ll choose a winner at random and shoot them an email to let them know shortly after.

Thanks & good luck all!

Are you grain-free? Why? Why not? (and don’t forget to like WholeMe on Facebook and/or follow ’em on Twitter)

NB: Leaving a comment will automatically sign you up for my newsletter which means you’ll get an email every time there’s a new post. Don’t worry, I won’t use your email for nefarious purposes and, should you find the alerts intrusive, it’s very easy to unsubscribe.


26 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: Win WholeMe’s Grain-free Cereal & Snack Bars!

  1. I went grain free after I researched GMO’s and realized grains are not necessary and may even negatively influence my health.

  2. I went grain-free discovering I had a gluten intolerance and I couldn’t be happier without the grains! I feel better, have more energy and don’t over stuff myself before my meal comes out now 🙂

  3. Went gluten free and wheat free for the new year. Read so many things about what gluten and wheat can cause, and want to give it 6 – 8 weeks, and see how I feel, So far, so good.

  4. I am not grain-free. I trying to head my family into at least less grains and those being no wheat or gluten. It is a slow process but we are getting there.

  5. I have Celiac’s and I’m slowly removing grains from my whole family’s diet. Giving up cereal in the mornings is not something my son is willing to do. We’d really like to try the grain free version!

  6. I went grain free to try it out or maybe lose those last 5 pounds… I have stayed grain free because I have struggled with stomach problems and acid reflux since I was 15 and I rarely have stomach aches, heartburn or acid reflux anymore. 🙂

  7. My husband has psoriasis and since switching to paleo it has dramatically lessened. Also the easy weight loss by being grain free was a nice bonus.

  8. I was tested for allergies and almost all grains came up as allergens. Should have not been a surprise as I have always known I was allergic to grasses, and they are the same family.
    Even some of the seeds do not work for me – quinoa, buckwheat for example.

  9. I have not gone grain free because frankly I am too lazy to do it. I understand there are certain health benefits to it, but so far the effort required to structure my diet that way is not something I have been willing to do. Unfortunately most people really do require some sort of medical emergency to bring about such a drastic change from what they are accustomed to. Hopefully the thing that causes me to give it a try is the increasing availability of grain free products and not a visit to a doctor.

  10. I am grain-free because this is the only way i can keep all my PCOS symptoms at bay, have energy, and feel comfortable with my body. I’ve been Paleo for 1.5 years and it’s been the best decision ever!

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