Natural Winter Skincare

a wintry Canadian scene

they should just rename Canada ‘Winterland”

Ah winter. The season of runny noses, chapped lips and cheeks rubbed raw by icy winds.

We’re heading up to Canada soon for the annual family get together and, as much as I love that great nation, it’s tough on the skin this time of year.

In fact, if I had the ability to grow a scaly, protective outer layer I’d be doing it (a gross, but useful, superpower…Snake Woman!)

Thankfully there are lots of natural options to protect your skin from the harsh wintery climates, from lip salves to body butters – and most use ingredients you’d happily eat.

Which is important because, as we all know, what goes on your skin, goes in your body.


  • What you put on your lips tends to go in your mouth (particularly when labelled “cherry blast” or “cocoa craze” – how am I not supposed to eat that stuff?!). Be sure you’re only getting the good stuff with this Raw Honey Lip Salve – honey’s antibacterial too!
  • Another good option for dry lips is this simple Peppermint Lip Balm which would last about a minute on my lips before being licked off with gusto.
  • If your lips are already damaged, a Healing Lip Salve made with nourishing almond oil might be just the thing.


  • Pumpkins get a lot of airplay this time of year. Personally, I hate the things. But I’m not adverse to putting them on my skin in the name of beauty. This Pumpkin Spice Facial Cleanser looks amazing, and would make a good Christmas gift too.
  • Make sure you rid your delicate face of the day’s grime with this Whipped Coconut Oil Facial Cleanser.
  • I have all the ingredients for this Avocado Butter Face Mask in my fridge right now. Bonus!



  • Standard hand soaps can be very drying. Here are two DIY versions using castile soap as a base.
  • As someone who has a whole cupboard full of herbal teas, I like the sound of this Herbal Hand Moisturiser which uses the strained tea to give it a pleasant scent.


  • Hair suffers too in the winter. If, like mine, yours gets dry and starts to brake easily try this Coconut Oil Hair Treatment for a deep moisturising effect.
  • I have personally road tested this deep conditioning Avocado Hair Mask and if it keeps my unruly mop in line, it’ll tame anyone’s.

Weigh in: How do you keep your skin healthy during the winter? What’s your favourite natural skincare recipe? What’s your daily skincare routine?

8 thoughts on “Natural Winter Skincare

  1. Can’t wait to try the pumpkin scrub. Here in Tokyo the cold almost burns your face.

    Recently I saw on a blog or somewhere (can’t remember) – soak 6 almonds in milk overnight (it actually took 5 days for them to become soft) and then mash in a pestle and mortar (that didn’t work either so a garlic press did the trick). Perhaps I should have heated the milk to accelerate the process of softening the almonds.

    Soak 6 almonds overnight in hot milk.
    Take skins off almonds.
    Mash in pestle and mortar or through a garlic press.
    Put on face for at least 10 minutes.
    Wash off and put moisteuriser on.
    Crows feet not painful anymore!

  2. I apply lotion on lotion on lotion! I am a big fan of the coconut oil hair treatment, it always leaves my hair soft. Daily skin care routine includes body lotion and for my face I apply a moisturizer, then a tinted moisturizer (I use this as foundation) then some powder and some more moisturizer, let’s just say my face gets very dry during the winter 🙂

  3. Great post with excellent tips for naturally prevents skin and makes it healthy and glowing. I love this post because I have only used naturally made products and remedies which don’t harm to my skin. Mostly, love section of hands and face which I truly need.

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