How to Make a Paleo Pizza Crust: Dos, Don’ts and Recipes

bug-eyed with delight

my eyes bug out at the sight of pizza too

It turns out there are more ways to paleo-ify pizza than there are reasons I should get a standing desk.

Since I’ve eaten a lot of pizza in my time, and made a few at home too, I thought I’d help you navigate the many versions out there.

A word of warning before we get into it though, this post will almost certainly leave you craving a slice 🙂

The Basics

I’ve seen a few versions of a basic crust involving paleo-friendly flours:

  • The Healthy Home Economist has a good coconut flour crust that handily splits into two 8in pizzas so if your hubs likes fruit on his pizza (eww) and you think that’s the work of the devil, you can customise accordingly and it doesn’t have to come to blows.
  • Also at the HHE is a basic almond flour version which looks pretty similar. All you need is almond flour, a few Italian seasonings, coconut oil and parmesan cheese.
I remain unconvinced about fruit on my pizza, but this was pretty damn tasty

fruit, on a pizza. AN ABOMINATION.

I’ve tested the coconut flour version and it’s my go-to recipe for any kind of pizza or flatbread (in fact, I know it off by heart now…perhaps that’s a sign I eat too much pizza). Just be mindful of how easily coconut flour absorbs moisture and don’t over-stir the batter. You should have a semi-runny batter that is easily spooned onto a baking tray.

The Vegetable Crusts

There are a helluva lot of creative cooks out there. I’m constantly surprised by how many vegetables people are cramming into bread substitutes.

I used a cauliflower crust for my Bacon, Avocado & Arugula Flatbread. It came out fine, but quite crumbly and the consistency wasn’t as firmed as I’d hoped. If you’re trying it, I’d advise you to squeeze every drop of moisture out of the cooked veg before combining with the other ingredients. Otherwise you’ll end up with a sodden crust.

it's been a while since a vegetable truly surprised me but cauliflower did it

from these innocuous beginnings, a decent pizza was made

If you’re looking for a reliable cauliflower crust recipe, I’d recommend Lavender and Lovage which has a simple, easy-to-follow version or the dairy-free version at Love and Lemons, which was the inspiration for my Meat Feast Pizza.

Butternut squash. Now there’s a veg you’d never think to stuff in a crust, amiright?!

photo courtesy Empowered Sustenance

photo courtesy Empowered Sustenance

Well Empowered Sustenance has a dairy-free, grain-free, nut-free butternut squash pizza crust that is amazingly simple and looks delicious. This is high up on my to-make-next list.

For the brave and daring, here’s an interesting eggplant pizza crust that also happens to be dairy-free.

The Saffron Girl has a golden carrot crust that has me drooling (and kinda intrigued).

The Meat Crusts

There’s the folks that put veggies in their crusts. And then there are those who bid farewell to any kind of sense and decorum and just reach for the meats.

These original souls have gone where many of us fear to tread and come out the other side with tales of bacon pizza! Beef pizza! Pork pizza!

I’m not entirely sure how these ‘meatza’ creations hold together (I doubt you can just pick up a slice by hand and shove it in your face) but perhaps that’s part of the fun.

Weigh in: What’s your favourite pizza crust made of? Are you tempted to try any of the above? What’s your favourite must-have toppings?


12 thoughts on “How to Make a Paleo Pizza Crust: Dos, Don’ts and Recipes

      • Tapioca flour is one of the main ingredients in the DiGiorno pizza recipe. My go-to pizza recipe used to be this eggplant crust recipe but once I used tapioca flour, that was the end game (although I’ve yet to post that recipe on Paleo Porn…lol)

        The carrot recipe looks interesting…and OMG bacon crust! Adding these to my must-try list! 🙂

      • Yes, try it sometime! I had to wait until I tracked down some tapioca flour (via internet). It’s delish. I’ve made it with coconut oil but (grassfed) butter can be used too – I wonder what it would taste like with the butter? The coconut oil does leave a little taste.

    • I’ve been recommending it to lots of friends who are paleo or gluten free! I’m going to try it with butter sometime soon. 🙂

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