Bread Substitutes, Louis C.K and a Dog Doing Cute Stuff. Welcome to Thursday Link Love

in my case this crosses the line from funny into pathetically true

in my case this crosses the line from funny into pathetically true

I  intended to post something about Dog and his allergies (we’ve been seeing some progress with natural remedies) this week, but then he refused to cooperate for the photo shoot and I had to temporarily postpone my plans to get his fuzzy mug on this site.

Instead, I shuffled off to the internet and its giant repository of photos of cats doing weird stuff. Don’t worry, there are no cats in today’s edition of link love because I think we could all use a break from that sort of thing.

  • I used Empowered Sustenance’s cauliflower wrap to make my BBQ Pork Burritos and they were heavenly. Now she’s gone one better with this comprehensive list of 15 No-Bread Sandwich Solutions which prove you really can make bread out of anything.
  • Next time someone tells you they’re allergic to exercise, you might want to give them the benefit of the doubt because apparently that’s a thing. Known by the catchy term ‘cholinergic urticaria’, an allergy to exercise leaves you feeling intensely itchy when working out and, in extreme cases, can even be fatal. Yikes.
  • Paleo Parents launched their Third Annual Halloween Recipe Round-Up this week. If you’re a food blogger with a ghoulish recipe, head over there to find out how to enter.
  • This week’s funnies were provided by the wonderful Louis C.K who is at his searing best with this rant about kids and smartphones. FYI there’s some swearing at the link.
  • It’s been around for a while but this video of a dog trying to play with a Downs Syndrome boy went viral again this week. Be warned: watching this gentle giant of a dog carefully entice the introverted kid into a cuddle gets you right in the feels. Have tissues at the ready.
  • If you want a good workout, don’t hit the books before you hit the gym, according to this fascinating study, which found that exercise is harder when your brain is tired, no matter how fresh your muscles.

That’s it for this week folks! Normal service (ie recipes) resumes tomorrow….

it's Rip Van Winkle for the modern age

it’s Rip Van Winkle for the modern age


3 thoughts on “Bread Substitutes, Louis C.K and a Dog Doing Cute Stuff. Welcome to Thursday Link Love

  1. Interesting to see exercise hives mentioned here. I’ve had it for years, when walking or riding the recumbent bike at the gym. It burns like fire, and makes you want to tear your skin off! Switched from shorts to leggings to solve the walking problem. Allergist had me take a Claritin before going to the gym, which solved the bike problem.

    • That sounds awful Diane. Does it have the same affect no matter what exercise you do (ie if you were lifting weights would you feel it?). What a fascinating (but I’m sure very distressing) condition.

  2. Our bodies are simply not designed to process and utilize many of the foods in our modern diet.
    For example, say you had a frittata for breakfast and have some
    left over, have it again with a nice kale salad for dinner.
    The diet varies from one Mediterranean country to another.

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