30 Things I Know About Health Now That I’m 30

Mark Twain, telling it like it is

Mark Twain, telling it like it is

The title of this post was also the title of a post I saw a while ago on the Huff Post (not going to include the link because it was ages ago and, frankly, I can’t be bothered hunting for it).

I didn’t read it but the headline grabbed my eye, and I started wondering what my own list would look like.

Like most people, my knowledge of what constitutes a ‘good’ meal has changed drastically over the years and sometimes I feel like I’m still figuring it out.

So here’s my 30. It’s a personal thing, sure, but hopefully some of you will identify with this list and start thinking about your own. I’m a firm believer in learning from your past mistakes and that’s the great thing about the internet – there are many photos of cats being adorableย it’s full of shared wisdom.

1. Fat (butter, cream, bacon etc) is not the enemy

2. You don’t need to feel guilty about exercising less than government guidelines recommend

3. Your body is an amazing machine

4. Slow progress is still progress

5. Contrary to what you believe in your teens and your twenties, you are not invincible and some bad habits might lead to hard decisions down the road

6. Organic is important

7. Grains are not

8. Diets will destroy your mental and physical health

9. Health is about so much more than weight. So. Much. More

10. Doctors are not all knowing, don’t be afraid to question them or refuse treatment

11. You should always look for a natural remedy before reaching for the drugs

12. Health can be as polarising as politics, find people who support you and who are willing to listen, even if you’re challenging their perspective

13. Disease isn’t something that happens to other people

14. Your healthy lifestyle can cost you friends but there’s a community out there who get it

15. You can get healthy (and fit) at any age

16. There’s no such thing as healthy junk food

17. Birth control is not a miracle of modern science, it’s a way of circumventing your body’s natural processes and you have to be prepared to pay the price that comes with that

18. You can be happy at any weight

19. Just because you’re not ‘sporty’ or have terrible hand-eye coordination, doesn’t mean you won’t find an exercise you enjoy

20. You should never take health advice from women’s magazines

21. Good health isn’t complicated, it’s about food in its most natural state.

22. And it’s not masochistic either

23. It’s about feeding your soul, not just your body

24. Just because someone doesn’t have a phd after their name and/or a government grant, doesn’t mean they can’t give nutritional advice

25. Health challenges teach us who we really are and what lengths we are prepared to go to

26. If something’s labelled ‘alternative’ by the mainstream media, there’s usually something to it. Keeping an open mind is sometimes your best weapon against disease

27. Pray, mediate or just rest. However you do it, it’s important to get a moment of stillness in every day

28. Hunger should be a physical instinct, not an emotional process

29. Being and staying healthy can be a powerful inspiration for others in your life

30. The food industry values profits first and your health last. Be suspicious and read labels

Weigh in: Do you agree with my list? What did I miss? What’s your health journey taught you?

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15 thoughts on “30 Things I Know About Health Now That I’m 30

  1. Well, to be quite honest, and because you asked, yes I agree with a few, disagree with many and am ambivalent about a few more. I would like to meet just one person who doesn’t put profit first – how profit became a bad thing is simply beyond me. Even panhandlers put profit first. The reality is that most people who despise profit only despise others’ profits. The one that really had me scratching my head was ‘you can be happy at any weight’. No I can’t, not even close. I can lie to myself enough that I might believe that at the surface, but deep down I knew better. I’m quite happy being slim an awesome – I hated pushing chubby and skinny (when I was young) was no walk in the park either. You did get me thinking though so thanks for that.

  2. I say adjust away! I learn from my mistakes (I’m not wise enough to learn from others’). Just don’t mess with the set screws, that’s a no-no. My mechanic encourages tinkering. He says it’s near impossible to mess up a bike so bad it can’t be fixed. Messing up is how I learned to index my derailleurs. ;). Try the Bike Repair app. It’s awesome.

  3. You have some really good points here. Especially in regards to the fact that weight (or lack thereof) is not an indicator of health. I think that’s a trap that many of us fall into whilst being surrounded by stick-figures in the media (same thing with the ‘fat’ foods!). Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us

  4. I turned 31 this year and my health journey list is very similar to yours. It’s fun to imagine what it will look like in 30 more years! ๐Ÿ™‚

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