Happy (early) Cinco de Mayo!

I do love a good pun

I do love a good pun

To paraphrase the Monty Python guys, today it’s time for something completely different.

Rather than the usual Friday recipe (last week’s was Chai Chocolate Pots if you’re hungering for something sweet), I’m doing a Cinco de Mayo themed recipe round-up.

The big day, of course, falls on Sunday and hubs and I will be celebrating at a local fiesta type party.

Hopefully this party will result in one or both of us wearing sombreros and eating copious amounts of guacamole.

While we’re on a mission to get the guacamole sweats, here’s some ideas if you’re hosting your own fiesta:

healthy fats galore!

healthy fats galore!

1. Guacamole

The avocado condiment is, of course, ubiquitous for a Mexican themed get together. I’ve got a cheesy twist on the old classic with Blue Cheese Guacamole and, because bacon goes with everything, here’s a Bacon & Avocado Dip which might do the trick.

2. Los Huevos

Despite the fearsome-sounding name, these Huevos Endiablados are actually just fancy devilled eggs – done Spanish style with cumin, paprika and garlic. Need I say more?



3. Fiery Chilis

There’s more to Mexican food than Chili con Carne. The chili template is incredibly versatile and I’ve chucked a lot of weird things into chili over the years in the good name of experimentation.

Some of my best efforts include Fiery Squash Chili, Turkey & Cilantro Chili or Chickpea & Tomato Chili.

FYI the chickpea & squash chili are vegetarian

FYI the chickpea & squash chili are vegetarian

Drinkers might enjoy the delicious fusion of Irish and Spanish/Mexican cuisines in this Guinness & Sweet Potato Chili.

4. Something Sweet

Traditional Mexican desserts are not my forte but I do believe something called ‘arroz con leche’ is popular in those parts. Sounds like Rice Pudding to me.

If you want to try to recreate the sweet Churro pastries that are usually served at breakfast, this recipe for coconut flour pancakes might get you started.

the dark treacle sauce and walnuts are optional, but highly recommended

the dark treacle sauce and walnuts are optional, but highly recommended

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! Will you be celebrating the day with food and, if so, what’s cooking in your house?

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