Maintaining Healthy Habits on Vacation

Cole Millen

Cole Millen

This week TMBL welcomes guest blogger Cole Millen.

Cole is an avid traveller and foodie who is sharing his thoughts on how stick to your health goals while on holiday.

A vacation is a time to relax, rejuvenate and have fun. Often it’s far too easy to forget about eating healthy and instead chow down on everything under the sun. While maintaining healthy habits on vacation might sound like a chore, it’s easier than you think. The best goal is simply to instill some good travel habits.

1. Bring healthy food

It’s easy to pick up a bag of cheese puffs and a soda when the family stops to refuel the car, but this shouldn’t be an excuse to peruse the snack isle. Bringing food from home not only saves money during a vacation, but also makes it much easier to control your food intake.

2. Limit dining out

If possible, make meals based on the food from local grocery stores while on the road.

Making food in a hotel kitchen will not only reduce costs, it will also help keep your focus on real food, rather than processed junk. Even if an in-room kitchen isn’t available, sometimes a hotel might have a small kitchen or break room available for guest use. Preparing your meals allows you to know exactly what you are putting in your body and results in more nutritious food choices.

3. Research your options before departure

Just as you would research entertaining activities ahead of your trip, the type of food and snacks that will be eaten should also be considered.

This might mean planning as many meals as possible in advance, so there aren’t any surprises while on the road. Even if the plan gets changed a little on vacation, the possibility for last minute junk food disasters will be reduced. Looking into the local restaurants is a necessity prior to your arrival.

Reading reviews that other travelers have shared can be instrumental in finding a healthy restaurant with delicious food. In my recent travels out west, I combed through reviews and found a Las Vegas hotel that offered a gluten free menu and couldn’t have been happier. This made it easy to eat a nutritious and delicious meal in the midst of one of the unhealthiest cities in the world.

4. Incorporate exercise

Even if a family or couple’s only aim is to sit on the beach and soak up the sun for a few weeks, there are still opportunities to exercise. Whether that exercise is in the hotel gym or on the beach during a brisk walk, spending just half an hour each day to exercise can have a positive impact on your mood, your health and your body.

These simple tips are all anyone needs to do while on vacation to eat right and have a fun and healthy time.

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One thought on “Maintaining Healthy Habits on Vacation

  1. So it is possible! You really can maintain healthy habits on vacation…unless you’re Wolfie and can’t resist a spot of nocturnal Wolfie hunting vacation or not 🙂 A sure way to put a stop to healthy vacational eating for starters!!

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