Links To Make You Laugh, Cry and Think…

actually, I think I've got this one

actually, I think I’ve got this one

Thanks to a dull, rainy week here, I’ve quite a collection of links for you today.

It’s entirely possible that I spend too much time trawling the internet but hey, my inability to engage with the outside world is your gain.

They’ll make you laugh, cry, laugh again and then hopefully shut down your computer and hug a tree (or your significant other) cos, trust me on this, the web will not hug you back.

  • This is a few months old but it’s one of those links that I came across, thought “ooh, I must share that on the blog” and then promptly got distracted by cake…or some other delicious food stuff (and people wonder why I get nothing done). Last November the singer Fiona Apple was forced to cut short her tour because her beloved dog was dying. She wrote a heart-wrenching apology to her fans explaining why and, dammit, it will make you cry. As the owner of an old dog myself, I could barely get through it. A beautiful read, but one best left until you’re alone.
  • ESPN profiles Fauja Singh,¬†an accomplished marathon runner, who also happens to be 101 freakin’ years old and still going strong. One word: inspirational.

    officially badass

    officially badass

  • Eight million Americans suffer from eating disorders, according to Stephanie at Paleoforwomen who’s written an insightful article on how to help if someone you know is going through that battle.
  • The art of passive aggressive flyering, funnyordie style.

    this is my favourite

    this is my favourite

  • Just in time for Easter, I give you 16 dogs who have just realised they’re not bunnies. You can see the horror, confusion and mistrust in their eyes. I’m a fan of pugs so #10 won my heart.
  • If my day doesn’t contain at least five minutes of quiet (and I’m talking no noise at all), woe betide hubs and all in my vicinity. That’s why I’m glad to see Alternet providing the science for why noise is bad for us, and how it’s affecting all life on the planet.
  • Check out the 10 funniest workout videos to laugh at people in spandex doing ridiculous things in the name of fitness.
  • I went to visit my mother recently and she asked me: “what do you use on your cellulite?” I should add that she asked me this at top volume in the middle of a busy aisle in Whole Foods. Mothers eh?! As I curtly told her, cellulite ranks very low on my priority list (which isn’t to say I don’t have any – I’m female, it’s a given). So that’s why I’m relieved that Go Kaleo joined the debate this week (good timing and yes, I did send the article to my mother) with a brilliant, balanced take on why cellulite is just a normal function of skin and nothing to be ashamed about. Honestly, sometimes I think mainstream media does nothing but dream up reasons for ladies to hate their bodies (see the recent furore over a ‘thigh gap‘ for a prime example).

    you said it Marilyn (or you didn't, internet memes aren't exactly trustworthy)

    you said it Marilyn (or you didn’t, internet memes aren’t exactly trustworthy)


4 thoughts on “Links To Make You Laugh, Cry and Think…

    • oooh, I’ve heard of the brushing technique – be interested to know how it works. I’m sure you’ve already been asked this but have you tried coconut oil? Or aloe vera? I get terrible skin on my hands and when it’s really bad the only thing that helps is to get some fresh aloe from our plant outside and smear it on. G’luck with the brushing…

  1. Good list! I’m also pretty sure I have a Cat Pilot in the house. It’s a good thing we don’t own a fighter jet, or we’d all be in trouble.( I just hope she doesn’t learn about the drones)
    Haven’t gotten the courage up yet to check out fiona Apples letter, but I did think highly of her at the time. I myself quit a job that wouldn’t let me take the day off when my senior dog got horribly ill one morning. I never regretted it…she gave me unconditional love, and I couldn’t let her suffer alone.

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