The Healthiest Coffee You’ll Ever Drink

pugs and caffeine is a dangerous mix

pugs and caffeine is a dangerous mix

When hubs first told me he was going to try “Bulletproof Coffee”, I assumed it was a hip new band I’d never heard of.

Had it been anyone else, I’d probably have bluffed my way through it – nodding sagely and saying something like: “yeah, Bulletproof Coffee, I totally love their sound…”

But hubs is well acquainted with (and hopefully loves) my dweebishness. Also it’s pointless trying to impress a man who’s seen you vomit on countless occasions.

So instead I stared at him blankly and said: “bulletproof wha?”

He kindly directed me to this site, where it all became clear.

I love Natalie Dee and her whimsy

I love Natalie Dee and her whimsy

The Coffee

Bulletproof Coffee is the brainchild of the Bulletproof Executive aka Dave Asprey who wanted a nutritious, energy-boosting coffee that could take the place of breakfast.

If you’re anything like hubs, you reach for a cup of coffee first thing in the morning because you can’t face eating that early. But caffeine is an appetite suppressant and, sure enough, cup follows cup until it’s lunchtime and there’s nothing in your system but a super dose of caffeine.

Bulletproof Coffee is coffee blended with butter and MCT oil – it gives all the benefits of antioxidant-rich caffeine without the crash.

And before you get grossed out at the thought of a chunk of butter in your daily cup, I can genuinely say that this stuff is delicious. It tastes exactly like a creamy, frothy cappuccino.

and it doesn't judge you

and it doesn’t judge you

The Science

It’s vital that the ingredients you use for your Bulletproof Coffee are the best you can buy.

When buying the coffee, go for whole beans rather than ground because the latter can contain toxic mould. And be choosy about your butter – the stuff that comes from pastured, grass-fed cows is higher in vitamin K2 and healthy fats.

(We personally use unsalted Kerrygold, they have pastured cows and also they’re Irish and I do love to support my homeland’s lacklustre economy).

As for the MCT oil, this stuff is amazing. The MCT stands for medium chain triglycerides that are more easily assimilated by the body, stabilise blood sugar levels, stimulate fat burning and give a healthy kick of sustained energy. Apparently athletes are big fans due to the ability of MCT oil to minimise body fat and maximise performance.

worship the coffee overlord!

worship the coffee overlord!

The Recipe

Every Bulletproof Coffee fan has tweaked the original recipe to their own tastes. Which is cool, I’m all about the experimentation (as long as no-one gets hurt and everyone is a consenting adult).

We keep it simple with the following:

  • 1 mug good quality organic coffee
  • 2 tbsps organic, pastured butter
  • 1 tbsp MCT oil
  1. Blend all the above together in a blender until frothy. Drink.

But you could also swop out the MCT oil for coconut oil (which also contains MCT, but is just less concentrated), try adding stevia for a sweet taste or use ghee in place of butter.

You can even Bulletproof your tea (thanks Wellness Mama!).

Whatever your hot drink of choice, you’ll want to give this antioxidant-rich, fat-fighting, energy-boosting wonder drink a go.

And if anyone does decide to start a band called Bulletproof Coffee you might want to check with Mr Asprey, who’s probably trademarked the name.


13 thoughts on “The Healthiest Coffee You’ll Ever Drink

  1. I’m going to have to experiment with it more. My first mug was sort of blah and I was hungry within a few hours. So, someone suggested adding more coffee and maybe some stevia. I used 10oz coffee, 1tbs coconut oil and 1tbs butter and 1 packet splenda in my next cup. The hunger didn’t start until 6 hours later so that was a huge improvement to the prior where it was about 3. It still was a little blah. Someone else suggested adding another tbsp of butter, but I don’t know if I can handle that. So another thought maybe some cream. I follow a keto style with 20-25net so this works for me. It’s a nice change from eggs!

  2. I often forget to add the coconut oil to my coffee. I mean, I’m lucky I remember to make the coffee, before I have any coffee, you know? And the butter is actually not bad…I use it when I know I need a nutrient boost. But be cautious with that coconut oil at first…it’s amazing stuff, but it will clean out any toxins in a big way…so add it in slowly, or stay close to a commode 🙂
    Ahh, coffee. Going to plop the coconut oil in right now. Thanks for the reminder. Can you repost this first thing each morning?

  3. I dont know what’s wrong with me, but I’ve tried doing this twice, and both times this made me very ill (throwing up)! It was definitely tasty, but my stomach just couldn’t handle it.

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  5. Not to take away from your coffee recipe, but I thought I would offer a non caffeine option for non coffee drinkers. Health and yumminess I call it CHCOGG. 1/4 Tablespoon each of ground Ginger and Cinnamon, tablespoon each of Honey and Coconut Oil. In cup of hot water stir and for creaminess add a couple splashes of Almond milk.

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