How to Get Rid of Fleas Naturally

this marks the first time Dog has made an appearance on this blog..isn't he handsome?

this marks the first time Dog has made an appearance on this blog..isn’t he handsome?

I can’t take credit for this amazing flea spray. It’s the brainchild of Modern Alternative Health but I want to share it because it works, it really works.

Living in the beautiful Caribbean, I don’t feel part of nature so much as constantly battling against it.

We’ve an almost constant tide of nasties – cockroaches, ants, mice, ticks….and fleas.

beautiful...but buggy

beautiful…but buggy

Poor Dog is a magnet for these tiny pests and so we find ourselves in an endless cycle of horror which goes a little something like this:

  1. Get Dog an expensive flea/tick collar.
  2. About a week after the fitting of aforementioned expensive collar notice fleas running through his fur.
  3. Curse long and loud, gnash teeth, pull out hair and wish all manner of terrible things on the makers of expensive flea collar, their children, and their children’s children.
  4. Wash Dog, wash Dog’s bedding, wash floors, wash ourselves, resist the urge to give everyone entering the house a bleach bath.
  5. Buy different, expensive flea collar.

Repeat ad infinitum.

I was desperate to find a natural alternative, not only for Dog but us too and (saints be praised) this flea spray did the trick.

The Spray

Chop two lemons and transfer the pieces to a large bowl. Boil two cups of water and pour over the lemon pieces. Stir then leave overnight.

like so

like so

Strain the liquid and transfer into a spray bottle.



Liberally spray your pet/his bed and blankets twice a day.

NB: I should add that this worked on Dog primarily as a deterrent. I applied it after he had a flea bath and his bedding was washed. It stopped the critters coming back. I’ve no idea how it would work on its own.

Weigh in: what natural pest repellents have you tried? Is your pet a pest hotel? Any horrific tales of creepy crawly invaders?


31 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of Fleas Naturally

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  4. Do you think this would be okay / work on cats, too? My little guy doesn’t have many, but it’s getting warmer and I certainly don’t want fleas in our bed! (He is kind enough to let me sleep in “his” queen size bed.)

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  6. This is a great tip for a flea deterrent. I’ve linked to this post from my “getting rid of fleas” site. Some other advice I’ve written about for how to get rid of fleas naturally has to do with putting essential oils on your pet to deter fleas. Of course, deterring fleas doesn’t really get rid of them. There are natural ways to actually kill fleas too. One of my favorites is the use of Diatomaceous Earth.

  7. I went through something similar with my dog when my daughter was younger. This would have definitely helped. It’s like the fleas just suddenly came out of nowhere. One additional suggestion: To trap/drown fleas, place a bowl filled with water and dishwashing soap underneath a nightlight. Turn on the nightlight and the fleas will jump towards the light, fall into the bowl and drown. This little tip ended up being a big help.

    • Hi Dana. If it were me I’d use a neem oil solution because I’ve had success with that as a natural pesticide in the past. You could also look into boric acid or diatomaceous earth. G’luck!

  8. I also suffer from the buggy battlefield since we live in South Texas by the water. I use coconut oil on my poor old Piksie. I bath her in a mxture of Dawn dish detergent and water then towel dry her. Rub coconut oil on her entire body. She is an old dog and has bad skin. The coconut oil is excellent for the hair and skin. Smells good and fleas don’t like the texture. Its great on human hair and skin too lol

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  20. Again, only apply dusts in very thin layers,
    and oonly in places that are not accessible to pets or children. The safety of borax has come under scrutiny over
    tthe last few years. Fleas breathe through pores inn their body, and cedar oil
    triggers the closing of those pores.

  21. Although the public attitude is that tthe bannning of DDT is responsible for this regeneration,
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