Around the Web-o-Sphere

the internet: it's all rainbows and butterflies

the internet: it’s all rainbows and butterflies

I have some lovely links to share with you today from all corners of the web-o-sphere (they totally should’ve gone with ‘web-o-sphere’ when naming the internet).

Highlights include when fitness gear goes bad (otherwise known as ‘that time I showed my butt crack to a room full of strangers’), a heartbreakingly adorable short film, and puppies!

I always find time for puppies.



  • If you’re into the hardcore exercise religion that is CrossFit, you’re going to enjoy this. I watched it in a public place and probably ruptured something trying to stifle my giggles.
  • The Great Fitness Experiment exposes the dark underside of bad fitness gear (and, if you read it, you’ll appreciate the awesome pun I just made).
  • Breakfast, yay or nay? A writer from Alternet weighs into the age old breakfast debate.
  • Do you love puppies? Do you love running? Then this squeal-inducing video is for you.
  • And, while we’re on the subject of videos, this charming Oscar-nominated short is free to watch online. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, their timing couldn’t be better. Tugging. At. The. Heart. Strings.
  • If you are in the UK (or will be Feb 8-16th) please consider taking part in Star Count 2013. It’s an amazing, crazy, wonderful campaign to get everyone in the UK counting stars in an effort to determine how badly the country has been affected by light pollution. I think it’s delightfully poetic and would be taking part if my expat ass was anywhere near those rainy shores.
  • If you haven’t seen Ram Trucks’ Super Bowl commercial yet, view it here. I love them for doing such a powerful ode to farmers who are never appreciated enough. “God looked down on his planned paradise and said ‘I need a caretaker’, so God made a farmer.”
  • UPDATE: Here’s a sustainable farmer’s response to the Super Bowl ad. He’s not as swayed by the fancy production values and heartwrenching voiceover.

4 thoughts on “Around the Web-o-Sphere

  1. Living out in the sticks, Crossfit is totally foreign to me. Lifting hay bales, digging up water lines, running cattle thru the shutes is our exercise! LOL!! But it WAS funny. Moving on to the other links which sound great too. You won’t be shocked if I say that I’ve seen that last link. It’s fantastic! 😀

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