Winter: The Season of Cannibalism (kinda)

beautiful...if you find hypothermia beautiful

beautiful…if you find hypothermia beautiful

24 hours before we were due to fly into Toronto for our New Years holiday, a big snowstorm hit.

I was in a panic. “What if the airport closes?”, “What if the roads are impassible?” “What if we get trapped in a blizzard, the car breaks down and we have to EAT EACH OTHER TO SURVIVE?”

a snowy Union Station, Toronto

a snowy Union Station, Toronto

Hubs, ever the Canadian, dismissed these fears (except the last one, there was definite eye-rolling with that one) and was proved right the minute the flight (which was on time and trouble-free, thank you WestJet!) touched down.

the Royal Ontario Museum, really wanted to go but we didn't have time. There are dinosaurs!

the Royal Ontario Museum, really wanted to go but we didn’t have time. There are dinosaurs!

Yes, there was snow and yes, it was bitterly cold but, in terms of a Canadian winter, it was nothing.

Silly Irish girl.

Toronto, by night. Pretty eh?!

Toronto, by night. Pretty eh?!

If you were in Ontario last week and happened to see a redhead wearing eight layers of clothing and wildly inappropriate footwear, that was probably me.

What did you get up to for New Year? Are you suffering in the snow? Do Canadian’s have a freakishly high tolerance for cold weather, or am I just a winter-hating sissy?


8 thoughts on “Winter: The Season of Cannibalism (kinda)

  1. Toronto doesn’t really have “winter”, they are the lucky Canadians!! I live in Ottawa Ontario, and let me tell you, winter doesn’t play around here. I do think that Canadians and people from the UP have a high tolerance for winter, when the thermostat goes back up to minus 5, it is pretty much the beginning of summer for all us Canadians!

  2. I spent a summer in the upper Yukon Territory and was absolutely shocked to find that a bartender in my favorite saloon had to stand in front of the open door to the beer fridge because it was about a whopping 20C. She claimed to be melting from the heat. Being from South Florida I had on a wooly sweater and scarf.
    I have vowed to spend a winter up there but haven’t found the nerve yet. I seriously don’t think I’d survive even though I survived (barely) a winter in Russia. Those Canadians are beyond tough.

    • You’re my hero Kate. I wish I had a story that started “I spent a summer in the upper Yukon…a bartender in my favourite saloon…” If you made it through Russia, you’re obviously a badass 🙂

      • Don’t know about badass. I was basically double dog dared to spend the winter up there and so far I’ve completely wussed out.

  3. The great thing about Canada is that they know how and are prepared to deal with snow. As a former Torontonian I miss that! In Kansas City when it snows everything pretty much shuts down, but that’s because we’re not set up to make sure the roads are safe.

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