Seasonal Links

this pretty much sums up my Christmas

this pretty much sums up my Christmas

If your Christmas went down like ours, you’ve spent the last few days in a deep, deep food coma.

Given my state of food-induced paralysis, I haven’t been able to write much of anything and so I’m taking the easy way out and sharing some links.

Hope y’all enjoyed your day and had a healthy, happy time with family/friends.

Links: the festive edition

1. Christmas is over, New Years is just around the corner. It’s that time when everyone and his granny starts doing a New Years Round-Up. Here’s Atlantic’s take on the Most Interesting Health Stories of 2012.

2. Also from the Atlantic, they’ve put together three stunning, beautiful and heartbreaking galleries of the year’s best photos. You can view Part I here but be warned – some images are disturbing.

remember this?

remember this?

3. In case you’re not up to date on the current Dr Oz controversy, catch a great summary (and stinging indictment of the guy…I’m talking a serious burn) here at Alternet. Basically Dr Oz spoke out in favour of organic food in October, calling it: “worth the investment”, only to dismiss it as “elitist” two months later in Time magazine. For shame, Dr Oz, for shame.

4. If you are British (or a fan of the Brits), check out the hilarious buzzfeed post that went viral last week: 21 Brilliant British People Problems. I’m from Northern Ireland and I completely identified with each and every one. Especially #3.

done it

yep, done it

5. Forget Inception or The Hobbit, the most important movie of 2012 was Genetic Roulette. This documentary about what genetically modified foods are doing to our health is powerful stuff. You can view it for free here or visit their website and support the cause by ordering the DVD package.

6. When good cooks go bad. The perils of getting too ambitious in the kitchen – chocolate biscuit curry anyone?

7. Yet more reason to be careful where your beef comes from.

8. Whoever says women aren’t funny needs to read the Best Tweets From Women in 2012 NOW. All are good but this one from Jennifer Graves really made me giggle: “If we split dessert, I will keep cutting that last bite in half until one of us is dead. It will be you. So just eat the goddamn cake, ok?”

I'm quite fond of this one too

I’m quite fond of this one too

8. Unless you’re vegetarian, there’s a good chance your year involved bacon. Marvel at the HuffPo’s grandly-named 2012: The Year in Bacon slideshow for more bacon pleasure. Ah, the memories.


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