Halloween (Healthy) Recipe Round-Up!

the scariest thing out there on Halloween night is the candy

I’ve dressed up for Halloween three times in my life.

The first time I was a witch (I was also about 9, so don’t berate me for my lack of creativity). The second time I was a slutty ‘Robina’ Hood (less said about that the better) and the third I was Jessica Rabbit (I’m a redhead, it’s practically compulsory!).

I grew up on the wrong side of the Atlantic for Halloween. At home in Ireland it’s just Not That Big A Deal.

ironically enough, grains turn me into a zombie

This year, hubs, Dog and I will be sitting it out and treating it like a normal night.

But before you start calling me the Halloween equivalent of Scrooge, I realise that others out there are getting their spooky on and loving it.

So, for those proud partiers, here are some delicious Halloween-type recipes that kids of all ages will love and scoff down with glee.

All are healthy, gluten-free and totally TMBL approved (which isn’t to say I’ve made them yet – there’s only so many hours in the day, y’know?!)

Enjoy your night! (and stay safe, there are evil things out there*)

The TMBL Halloween Recipe Round-Up

1. Check out these Banana Mummies from Lexie’s Kitchen. They look more cutesy than frightening, but I’d still have no problem eating their adorable faces.

awww, ickle mummies!

2. Also in the ‘I WANT TO EAT NOW’ category is this delicious looking no-bake spiderweb cheesecake. I’d make it with a grain-free, nut crust but otherwise it seems pretty clean.

courtesy Epicurean Mom

3. I love these sweet potato bugs from Following My Nose. Too cute to eat (except that they are sweet potato and my belly knows no boundaries when it comes to sweet potato).

my favourite is the one with brussel sprout legs

4. Caramel Apples will never be a health food but kudos to Whole Lifestyle Nutrition for making a much healthier version than the norm.

no corn syrup here!

5. And, of course, this blog post wouldn’t be complete without a plug of my own efforts. I’ve been doing the Halloween thing all week. In case you missed it, check out Bowl o’ Brains Hummus, Batty Beet Brownies or Jack o’ Lantern Peppers.

there they are, my army of bat brownies

Do you celebrate Halloween? What’s been your worst costume? Have any great spooky snacks? (feel free to share in the comments)

*I’m referring, of course, to all that sugary, gut-rotting candy.

5 thoughts on “Halloween (Healthy) Recipe Round-Up!

  1. Some very fun treats! We aren’t doing anything too exciting. I’ve got some fun Halloween/Spooky references on my “It’s a Pop Culture Halloween, Kenley Leigh” blog post. But otherwise, we’re going to make some homemade pizza tonight and watch a movie. Not too different from any other night 🙂

  2. Ron will be tickled that you included his Sweet Potato Bugs. 🙂 Maybe it’s Irish blood, Because even though I grew up here, lots of Irish in me and I just don’t get into Halloween at all. We’re actually going to put a sign on the front door, that says “We’re Next Door –>” at our neighbor’s suggestion. Then we don’t have to feel too bad about disappointing the trick-or-treaters. And we can watch our movie in peace

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