Lovin’ the Links

and you tell me amusing and informative things!

It’s been a while since we had a good old-fashioned link fest. And there’ve been lots of goodies on the web this week.

From the top coffee-guzzling professions to porcelain apples and witty food puns, there’s a lot of weird trivia out there.

And speaking of weird trivia, I heard a fun fact on the car radio this morning – flamingos urinate on themselves to cool down (yeah, I have to find another radio station).

And on that note, let’s get stuck in:

  • Can you guess which 15 professions drink the most coffee? Food blogger is not on the list surprisingly, but my day job does come in at #4.

    note – the coffee-drinking professions are not necessarily the most productive

  • If you get a lot of troublesome headaches, you’ll want to check out Stefani’s post on how to hack your headache over at Paleo for Women. It’s worth reading the tips before reaching for the ibuprofen.
  • Are you sick of squash already? Get some new takes on old favourites by checking out 7 in-season foods and 21 recipes to go with them at PrimalPal.
  • You will never look at an apple the same way again after checking out this amazing gallery from artist Jessica Rath. Rath has replicated some of the world’s rarest (and most endangered – yep, apples can be endangered!) apple varieties, creating porcelain replicas of each. I’m not doing it justice by describing it here, just go look.

    not getting the latest Apple gadget – the very definition of a first world problem

  • And since we’re on the topic – here are 5 of the biggest misconceptions about apples. For the record, I don’t agree with #2 but the rest of the list is pretty interesting.
  • This has nothing to do with food or health but I was blown away by some of National Geographic’s top picks for its 2012 Photo Contest (check out the pelican! And I don’t even like birds!).

    this photo of flamingos is pretty nice too, but seriously…there’s gotta be better ways of cooling down

  • I love food, and I love puns. Here my two loves are combined into one awesome slideshow. I give you….the Huff Post’s best #literaryrestaurant tweets. (my favourite is: Lady Chatterley’s Liver)

    this one is also good


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