oh but I have links, many links

Having spent more time on the internet than is healthy this week, I feel well qualified to filter out the drudge and bring you some interesting and amusing highlights from that informational cesspool.

If you’re as sick of the Olympics as I am (and they haven’t even started yet) never fear, I promise that none of the below contain any references to that event.

  • Worried about what’s in your cosmetics? You should be as a study this week revealed that fake tans can cause infertility and/or birth defects due to the ‘cocktail of chemicals‘ they contain. Put down the bottle and embrace the ghostly pale look (hey, it works for the cast of Twilight).

    be pale and proud!

  • It’s ice cream season and, in my experience, that often leads to an outbreak of hot chocolate sauce season [takes short break to go get chocolate]. That’s better. Felicity Cloake puts chef’s recipes to the test to come up with the definitive version. Oh and it’s really easy and looks AH-mazingly rich. Sold!
  • What really got my mouth watering this week was Good Girl Gone Green’s Avocado Fudge. With only four ingredients you can’t really go wrong. If you’ve kiddies at home, this is an ideal way to cram those good fats into them.
  • If you’re a grass-fed beef nut then this just might be the cookbook of your dreams. Handy advice, info and recipes for cooking grass-fed meat perfectly. It’s never too early to put it on the Christmas list.

    artisan meat..ooh posh!

  • Give your significant other/family member/friend/pet a hug. Why? Because biology says it’s good for you. Seriously, oxytocin (not to be confused with the dangerously addictive painkiller OxyContin – now there’s a mistake you don’t want to make) isn’t just for labouring mothers. This wonderful chemical can help you lose weight, be more sociable and relieve pain.
  • Another guilt-free sweet treat that has made my list (a list that grows longer every day) are these Flourless Chocolate Cookies. Being vegan, gluten-free and grain-free, they can be enjoyed by just about everybody.
  • Are you an urban exerciser? If you’re regularly pounding the city streets you might need to worry about breathing in all those fumes. Here are some tips to help reduce your exposure to the toxic smog.
  • In an hilarious new take on not judging a book by its cover, a six year old girl tries to guess the plots of classic novels… looking at the covers. Her version of Animal Farm really got me giggling: “I think it’s about a donkey and a pig who do not like each other and they both live on a farm for animals. The same farm.”

    now here’s a cover that would give you shrieking nightmares

  • Ever wondered why there are 6,000 milk-producing mammals and yet we generally only drink the milk of one? This Slate article examines the pros and cons of milking aurochs, buffalos and other strange beasts. Also it contains my favourite line from the week’s internet: “the iron fist of cow-milk hegemony” and the author’s description of milking a “smart, skittish, suspicious and paranoid” pig made me laugh-snort into my tea.

Well that’s it folks. Your turn – anything grabbed your attention in the above list? Anyone tried obscure milks? Do you want to turn avocado into fudge as much as I do?


4 thoughts on “Link-a-polooza

  1. Totally need to check out the Pure Beef cookbook and add it to my wish list! Also got a chuckle out of the Animal Farm synopsis according to the six year old. I’ve always loved Animal Farm! Great book!

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