The Great Canadian Road Trip (Part II)

I was crossing my legs while taking this

Whenever people tell me they’ve been to Niagara Falls there’s always one question I want to ask: “did the sound of all that rushing water constantly make you want to pee?”

The answer, I can now confirm, is yes (or perhaps that’s my teeny, tiny bladder talking).

the US falls

But it didn’t spoil my enjoyment of what was an awesome trip to the most powerful falls in North America.

the Canadian falls

Silly me, I never realised that the Niagara Falls is actually three waterfalls. Doh! Given my loyalty to my Canadian hubs, I was pleased to discover that the signature horseshoe one everyone recognises is on the Canadian side (ha! take that US waterfall lovers!).

close up of the Maid of the Mist boat

We showed up at the falls on a Friday which meant we were just in time for the fireworks show held every Friday in the summer.

Unfortunately our bellies didn’t get the memo and, after waiting very impatiently (neither of us had bothered to check what time the show started) until 9:30pm on empty stomachs, we gave up and headed to a restaurant, missing the entire display.

I regret nothing. Food trumps fireworks every time.

the falls at night (hard to get a good shot but you get the idea)

We still saw the beautiful lights that they beam over the falls at night, turning them into stunning multicoloured display, which was just as good.

Niagara-on-the-Lake, thankfully brimming with ice cream shops

We also pottered around Niagara-on-the-Lake for a mid-afternoon ice cream (yes, it’s all about the food with me), bought some maple fudge (see?) and mimed falling over into the gorge a lot.

Things we did not do include gambling in the mega casinos, doing the Maid of the Mist boat ride or journeying over to the US side.

we did go for a saunter around this beautiful park though

Among the interesting trivia I soaked up (soaked – geddit?!) was the tale of Roger Woodward who, at the age of 7, tumbled over the falls after a boating accident in 1960. Wearing only a life vest, he miraculously survived and (I imagine) went on to develop a healthy fear of water.

If you are at all interested, here’s a handy list of other Did You Knows?

  • If you do get the urge to launch yourself over the Falls, you can be fined up to $10,000 plus the cost of your rescue. Of course you might recoup that money with a good book deal and exclusive Oprah interview.
  • In 1827, someone who was clearly not an animal lover decided to launch a boat full of ‘ferocious beasts’ over the falls as a publicity stunt. Onboard were 2 bears, a buffalo, 2 raccoons, a goose and a dog. Although the boat was wrecked before it made it over, all the animals except the bears and the goose went down with the ship.
  • The falls have stopped flowing three times in its recorded history. The first was in 1848 when ice upstream choked off the river. Niagara residents thought it was the end of the world and packed out the local churches in despair (bit like me when the internet goes down).
  • The Falls are around 12,000 years old and, in that time, have shifted 7 miles. I can understand this, I’m 30 and only shift from the sofa to the fridge and back.

Have you ever been to the falls? Whatcha think? Did you catch the fireworks display?

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16 thoughts on “The Great Canadian Road Trip (Part II)

  1. Ok….if I lived in 1848 I would have mangled the b*stard who threw the animals over. That said, awesome pictures! I have never, ever been to the falls, but am wishing to see them in person, I can imagine you can’t translate that into pictures or words.

  2. Wow, your pictures are gorgeous! Make me want to visit as well… gotta think of an original publicity stunt to pull when I get there though. hehe

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