The Great Canadian Road Trip (Part I)

name that city!

Just for today (and probably next Thursday too), TMBL becomes less of a food blog and more of a travel/photo blog.

And that’s because hubs, belly and I have been on our travels these past two weeks*.

It was pure heaven, but a bit disconcerting, to be internet free for that length of time.

same city, another clue

Rest assured though, even though my fingers weren’t skipping over any keyboards (and I swear they suffered withdrawal symptoms), my mind was definitely ruminating over future blog posts.

ok, you have to know it by now – the HUGE Toronto Jazz Festival signs kinda give it away

And that’s why I took a whole bundle of photos to share with y’all.

A little background is probably necessary, as well as a disclaimer. Our trip can’t really be described as the Great Canadian Road Trip, despite the hyperbole of the title.

nothing says vacation better than the CN Tower from a sunny beer garden

In reality it was the Great Ontario Road Trip since our explorations were limited to that lovely province in particular (Canada is big you guys!).

We went to Toronto, Niagara**, Kitchener, Fenelon Falls, Bobcaygeon and back to TO again.

cool old cinema in Fenelon Falls (sadly closed)

Chalked up a lot of mileage and a lot of memories.

pretty church, also in Fenelon Falls

Jeez, I love that country and (thanks to hubby dearest) might even be claiming it as my own one day.

*sorry to anyone that commented in the past few weeks and didn’t get a reply – I wasn’t ignoring you, honest!

**I’ll leave the Niagara photos for next week, I took a lot. In fact, it’s safe to say I snapped the hell out of that waterfall.

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17 thoughts on “The Great Canadian Road Trip (Part I)

  1. Never been…only to British Columbia! I love road trips….we will be making one of our own soon…to Basque Country and back, for an authentic Basque/Russian wedding in Bilbao! Can’t wait!

      • I can’t wait….and I have no idea what they serve….I will document it. I know there is going to be a lot of Prime Rib, and lots of crustaceans….but I am hoping that the bride will add a couple of Russian traditions to the wedding. Should be super interesting! Thanks!

  2. Ontario has lots of nooks and crannies that are just screaming to be discovered! I’ve lived in Toronto for the past 10 years and I really, really need to get outside of the city more and explore the rest of Ontario.

    • Yep, Ontario is beautiful..although I definitely prefer it in the summer to the frosty winter (not much of a snow lover). We spent two weeks and I get the feeling there’s still more to see!

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