Link Fest

but it is! It really is!

I was going to write something insightful, intelligent, probing and thought-provoking for today’s Thursday Thoughts…but I wrote this instead.

In my defence, I got distracted by a half-eaten cheesecake, and realised that even if said cheesecake hadn’t appeared in the fridge (yes, I use a certain amount of cognitive dissonance when it comes to desserts. I don’t bake them, noooooo, they just appear), there are some good folks on the web who’ve just said it better.

So I’m going to hand over to these shining examples of blogging and make today a bit of a link fest.

Cheating? Maybe, but each of these links was something I read this week and genuinely enjoyed so I’m not short-changing you, just doing my best to educate, enthrall and entertain.

If I can go back to my dessert, well, that’s just the icing on the cake (pun intended).

  • George Orwell meets Weight Watchers in this disturbing Atlantic article about how technology is being used to help people shed weight. The feature thinks it’s a good thing but I’m not convinced, check out this quote: “Eventually, Cameron says, phones will be able to track swallowing and stomach distension to provide even better analysis of eating habits, without requiring the user to so much as tap the screen.” Do you really want your phone policing your belly?
  • Pretty can be purchased but beauty cannot be bought. Ok, this one’s (mainly) for the girls. A moving look at what beauty means.
  • You might know a few of these already but it’s worth glancing over the 7 foods even food safety experts won’t eat. The title of ‘food expert’ generally doesn’t fill me with confidence but these guys seem to be right on the money.
  • Before chowing down on that pricey steak, please read this. All is not what it seems.
  • I started a Pilates class this week (go me!) so of course now i consider myself a top athlete and have been saying things like: “my core feels especially tight today” to anyone that will listen. If you’re fretting about never getting to the gym take comfort from this NY Times piece which says more is NOT better.
  • Legendary (and I don’t use that word lightly, unlike Barney Stinson) Sci-fi writer Ray Bradbury died yesterday. This interview with the Paris Review is the visionary at his captivating best (and full of interesting little gems like the tale of how he once peed in a potted plant in the lobby of a New York hotel). His life’s motto? “Jump off the cliff and build your wings on the way down.”
  • If you haven’t heard of hyperboleandahalf yet then oh boy, do I have a treat in store for you. Switch off the phone, put the pet/child down for a nap, pour a glass of wine and clear your schedule cos you’re going to want to browse this site a while. A great place to start is The God of Cake.
  • And finally, because I shouldn’t be the only one with cake, here’s a cheesecake suitable for all the non-dairy folk out there. It’s made from cauliflower which just about blew my mind (and this from a girl who puts bacon in her brownies) but the more I think about it, the more I want to try this.

21 thoughts on “Link Fest

  1. I really liked the “Pretty can be purchased…” post. In today’s culture, it’s a point that really can’t be stressed enough.

    And I’m with you on the smart-phone app. Are humans really so dependent on technology that we can’t even pay attention to our own bodies without it?

    Thanks for the links!

    • Hi Becca, yes, totally agree about us relying on machines rather than listening to our bodies. That’s something people (myself included half the time) are very out of touch with. The day my phone/computer tells me what to eat will be the day I have been brainwashed by the ‘powers that be’ a la 1984.

  2. I think you attained “insightful, intelligent, probing and thought-provoking”. You just took a different route to do it.

    Techie stuff: Yes, it’s creepy in the Orwellian sense… you should see the statistics the trackers I use can produce- with graphs & everything! But… on the other hand, I was asked to track this stuff by the doc to figure out some answers we couldn’t get to without them. I see how this has the potential to be both useful & super-creepy at the same time.

    This would make a hilarious pick-up line: β€œmy core feels especially tight today”.

    Thank you so much for the non-dairy cheesecake link. That is definitely something I need in my life! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you!
      LOL to the core line, hadn’t thought of that. I will try it on hubby later (although I doubt it’ll have much effect, I’d get a better reaction if I went with “look at this delicious cheesecake I just made”)

  3. I’ve been thinking of doing a post like this for some time too. There are so many things that I want to share with people! This was a great way to incorporate links and share with your readers.

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