Blue Cheese Guacamole

crouching guacamole, hidden lemon

So this week I introduced some leftover avocado to some leftover blue cheese. The result? A truly disgusting fusion of horror.

Nah, only kidding.

It was a little daring but I figured avocado could handle some stinky feet cheese and, turns out, I was right (love it when that happens).

This can be spread on toast, dolloped on tacos, heaped onto rice cakes or thinned out with a bit of oil to make a killer salad dressing.

Due to avocado’s alarming tendency to get all brown and gross (technical culinary terminology), this will only be good for about 24 hours. That’s why the below recipe is for a smallish amount.

If you want to get crazy and double it because that family-sized pack of nachos is calling to you, that’s entirely your perogative.

Blue Cheese Guacamole (makes about 1 cup)

  • 1/2 ripe, large, green avocado
  • 1/4 cup blue cheese, crumbled
  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  • a pinch of salt and pepper
  • 1 tbsp plain full-fat yoghurt
  1. In a bowl vigorously mash the avocado and blue cheese til smooth.
  2. Stir in the lemon juice, salt, pepper and yoghurt.
  3. Refridgerate ’til needed.

    a cup of guacamole? Yes please!

28 thoughts on “Blue Cheese Guacamole

    • You’re most welcome – I liked what i found 🙂

      I think cheesy guacamole is probably the marmite of guacamole – you either love it or you hate it. You won’t know til you’ve tried it!

  1. What a brilliant idea — to combine avocado and blue cheese. The ingredients are on my shopping list as I write.

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