Thursday Thoughts: I’m a versatile blogger!

typing without opposable thumbs: the very definition of versatile blogging

So this week two lovely bloggers (Intolerance is Bliss and 101 Uses for a Fork, great names, great blogs) were kind enough to nominate me for the Versatile Blogger award. I guess it’s time I shared the love. It’s like a great internet chain letter of mutual appreciation. Thanks guys!

As I understand it – and bear with me, I’m not great at team sports – the rules are as follows:

1. Nominate your favourite blogs (with a max of 15)

2. Tell your favourite blogs that you nominated them

3. Tell the world 7 things about yourself

So, let’s get right to it.

My favourites (in no particular order, this isn’t picking for gym/P.E class) are:

I only listed ten because, like my belly, I’m very discerning. Also kinda lazy.

The above peeps shouldn’t feel any pressure to pass it along, I merely wanted to give them some recognition cos, during our acquaintance, they’ve made me chuckle, eat, ponder or drool.

Though not at the same time – that would look like I was having some kind of seizure.

Now I’ve no idea why you’d want to discover 7 things about me, but hey I love talking about myself and if you want to waste your time read my amazing insights, go right ahead.

1. I cried at the last episode of Quantum Leap. If you didn’t, look in the mirror and ask yourself this very important question: ARE YOU EVEN HUMAN?*

2. I’ve done the world’s highest commercial abseil (it’s off Table Mountain in Cape Town) which is odd because I’m scared of heights. I’ve no explanation for this sudden burst of bravery. Perhaps they told me there was cake at the bottom.

3. I have a law degree. And it is about as useful to my daily life as a pig in a dress.

4. Despite having a presence online, I’m a committed Luddite. It took me until I was 20 to get a mobile/cell phone. I resist change and will not bow to our robot overlords.

5. Every time the miaow mix advert comes on my car radio I get so excited I almost cause an accident. I have to sing along. Every. Damn. Time.

6. The last time I laughed so hard I nearly had an accident (of a different kind) was watching Puss in Boots. Because of this guy:

7. And before that, it was cos of this guy:

this wouldn't work with just any breed. Pugs have the face for that kind of shame

So that’s it. I hope that was as cathartic for you as it was for me.

You may have noticed that this post is tagged ‘Thursday Thoughts”. Since I’m often in a rambling mood on a Thursday, I’ve created a new category and will make it a weekly thing.

Unless of course everyone gets together in the comment section and tells me that this is a horrible idea and they’d rather I post some recipes and shut up already. That’s ok too.

*Spoiler: Dr Sam Beckett NEVER goes home. I’m welling up again….

12 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts: I’m a versatile blogger!

  1. You’re funny and I think the Thursday thing would be great. Now I have to go search the internet and find out what “commercial abseil” even means! Right now I think it has to do with jumping off heights and cake?! Thanks for the versatile and Congratulations to you too, you deserve it!

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