Thursday Thoughts: It’s RAW!

Ah Gordon ‘IT’S F–KING RAW!’ Ramsey, putting down the novice chefs of the world with caustic comments as sharp as his face crevices.

Our cable channels have started spewing out repeats of Kitchen Nightmares recently and we find ourselves tuning in and slipping into an IQ coma with alarming regularity. I’m not quite sure why hubby and I watch since we always feel a bit dirtier afterwards, but it is quite compelling.

If nothing else, it’s like an all-access backstage kitchen pass and quite enlightening about the hideous, grinding work that goes into running a restaurant.

The Kitchen Nightmare format of scene setting + crisis + resolution = Gordon’s rapid-fire summing up to camera is decent enough but I suspect that if you were a regular viewer it’d push you into madness.

I’ve seen two so far and wanted to throw the dog at the TV just for a bit of variety.

I prefer Gordon in literary form. He is much less shouty.

His masala sauce recipeΒ is a big hit with us and I wouldn’t mind owning one of his cookbooks but the reality shows are too much. My brain wants to flee the scene as soon as the opening credits start rolling.

I get it, he’s empire-building but so was Caesar and look how that turned out.

On a final note, have you seen these kid? He does a disturbingly accurate Gordon impression..not sure whether to laugh or call child services…

11 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts: It’s RAW!

  1. The post IS funny although I (like most parents) would have slapped my kid into next week if he ever addressed me in that manner. It’s what makes the post funny. Unfortunately, I really despise Gordon Ramsey and his shows. Having worked in and run kitchens and restaurants I saw his type. There was/is enough pressure and stress in the kitchen without having to put up with a mean spirited, foul mouthed, self absorbed legend in his own mind. Can he cook? Sure, but so can a lot of other and better little known chefs not feeding their egos. He has bankrupted several restaurants and is no role model for anyone who aspires to be a chef or restaurateur. I cannot imagine anyone working for him having their culinary journey enriched or their life enhanced. Nonetheless, he is a TV celebrity chef making a whole lot of money. Just saying…

    • I agree Richard – that’s why I much prefer his recipes to his screen persona. He seems like a decent cook but I couldn’t put up with all that cursing and general raving. It might make for good ‘car-crash tv’ but it’s kind of juvenile.

      Oh and I’m totally with you – in real life, that child would be banished to the nearest orphanage.

      Thanks for weighing in, good to hear a chef’s perspective.

  2. Love it! I’ll admit.. I watched ONE show on tv.. and ended up stalking the rest on netflix.. I was in awe.

    I’ll agree with Richard that there is enough stress in the workplace and Ramsey isn’t helping with all that raving and cursing. I can see how his conduct with people can make for… well… a nightmare.. but on the other hand..

    I can see where Ramsey is coming from. Maybe I am naive to it.. but I believe he has the interests of the kitchen truly at heart.. It may just be that his filters are all off, resulting in such a caustic delivery. What he is set on is completing his goals – and that is to fix that kitchen.

    I only say this because sometimes I get like that (minus the in-your-face cursing and spitting). When something has to get done, I do it. I tell it how it is (bluntly), tell you what you did wrong, what you should have thought of, etc and just get the job done. It is not my intention to hurt your feelings, but when it comes down to the wire, I have no time to coddle emotions or egos. I’ve been told that I can be mean and intimidating.. but my response tends to be,

    “While you sit there nursing your feelings and thinking about what I said, a project/event/job/deadline is waiting to get done. At the end of the day it is not about your feelings, its about getting the job done with 100% accuracy. Woman (or man) up, or get out of the way.”

    I think there are certain work environments where error should be nil. Kitchens are one of them.. People are paying for a service and if there are errors, it leads to bigger problems.. Maybe that is why he is so passionate about what he does.. I agree on all sides.. people are just diff, and will handle things diff.

    At any rate, the video was hilar and I will have to try out his Masala recipe. I love watching food related shows.. I need to find me something new to watch.

    • Hi Kat, thanks for your comment. Love it, people are making me analyse my secret guilty viewing pleasures! I see what you are saying about the need for efficiency in a kitchen, I just wish he’d tone it down a bit more. I guess the real secret of being a truly awesome chef is being able to motivate the staff without all that noise. Of course the noise is what pulls in the viewers though…moral of the story: if you want to be a good chef, don’t be a tv chef πŸ™‚

      P.S Have you tried cupcake wars??? OMG, it’s my new favourite thing.

  3. Great video! I like watching Gordon because he acts the way I wish I could when I run into incompetence or just plain laziness! Some of those kitchens….Good Lord they are going to poison someone! It makes for good tv anyway. Most of us are more careful with our words and careful of others feelings, but I feel the same way as one of your other commentors. Stop whining, stop being lazy and let’s get this job done! I have a tremendous work ethic in everything I do and I expect the same from the people around me. I will never ask you to do something I haven’t done myself.

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