Thursday Thoughts: Blame the Food Network

it may look harmless enough but it's coming for your waistline

In theory I like the Food Network – you can learn new stuff! see master chefs at work! be inspired! – but in practice I have to hurriedly flick by it en route to other non-culinary channels.

From the brief encounters I’ve had, it seems to be mostly reality shows about chefs either competing against each other or at work in their own restaurants/businesses.

It appears very formulaic and not-at-all inspiring.

I’d prefer more of a focus on DIY recipes, health and nutrition and perhaps even backyard farming.

But I freely admit that I haven’t watched enough to really critique it.

There’s a very good reason for that – every time I sit down to watch a show about food I have to get up again and hit the fridge within minutes of the opening titles. No matter what they are cooking.

yes, I googled 'liver pie'

A liver pie could be on the menu and I’d still finding myself thinking: “Urgh, that looks like animal innards stewed in dog poo and passed through the bowels of a warthog. Where did I put the ice-cream?”

It’s like Pavlov’s dogs all over again.

The TV flickers to life, the drool response kicks in and I feel the tractor-beam pull of the fridge.

Is it just me or is this a common epidemic? Is there anything worth watching on Food Network? Have you got sucked into it yet and did your waistline expand as a result?


5 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts: Blame the Food Network

  1. I’m with you on the Food Network (though I love daisy Martinez and have a real soft spot for Nigella). Generally, I think you’re better off watching reruns of old Julia Child programs or my personal favorite, the Two Fat Ladies, on youtube. Love your site!

    • Hi KS,

      To my shame, I’ve developed an addiction for Cupcake Wars. It’s a nasty habit and I’m not proud of it. Nigella always struck me as playing it up for the cameras, I’d rather she just slobbed around like the rest of us and I swear that accent is totally faked. One day I’ll prove it….one day.

      I’ll try to check out Daisy Martinez but not promising anything – my belly can only take so much temptation.

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  3. I enjoy watching Chopped and occasionally Iron Chef America, only because I like to see what new flavor combinations chefs come up with. I like to try and figure out what I would do with those crazy Chopped baskets! And although now he’s overexposed, I think Guy Fieri is pretty funny. My waistline has probably suffered, as I usually sit down with a glass of wine and some cheese in front of the TV, in the evening.
    The Cooking Channel is much better these days for DIY, and also more fun, edgy programming. The demographics for each channel couldn’t be easier to spot!

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