Thursday Thoughts: Food Geekery!

I dunno bout you but I love the George R R Martin books.

They recently went mainstream following a very slick HBO production of the first, A Game of Thrones (a second series is shortly to hit screens – cue ‘eep’ of excitement now), but the snob in me wants to point out that I was a believer FROM THE VERY BEGINNING.

Yep, I’ve read all five books (the most recent of which was published in July)ย and loved ’em all. They are crack for the eyes.

Those of you who concur, do you remember how every feast was lovingly described? How you felt like you could visualise every dish, no matter how obscure? (I’m looking at you spun-sugar unicorns)

Well some inventive mega-fans took this one step further and decided to create their own versions of some of the most common recipes from the books. Check ’em out: Cooking Ice and Fire, Inn at the Crossroads. I particularly love the Inn at the Crossroad’s tagline and those guys have a book coming out – respect!

I salute these chefs. Not only is it a great idea and a lovely thanks to Mr Martin for all those hours of enjoyment he’s given readers, these recipes actually seem to be do-able and edible.

I remain unconvinced about the beet soup though.

Do. Not. Want


4 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts: Food Geekery!

    • Oh they’re brilliant but I’d clear your schedule before reading – they are so un-put-down-able.

      Movies involving cooking? I’m sold! They’d probably make me ravenous though…I have that problem every time I see food on screen ๐Ÿ™‚

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